KYOTE Testing

KYOTE Testing

KYOTE testing gives students the opportunity to assess their basic skill proficiency in English Composition, Reading and Math. KYOTE testing (combined with high school GPA, advising sessions and standardized test scores) can help determine the best way the university can support a student’s path to success and can determine the need for students to be placed in co-requisite courses. KYOTE tests are optional and FREE to all students.

Who should take the KYOTE?

  • Anyone who has no other placement scores (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, etc.).
  • Anyone who has scores that fall below the benchmark listed in the chart below and wish to attempt to test out of those pre- or co-requisite courses.
  • Anyone with scores older than 9 months who needs Mathematics and/or English placement.

Advising Test Score Chart

Practice Exams

Taking a practice exam:

  1. Register for a free KYOTE account.

    To register for a free placement account (or to log into one which you already have) go to the KYOTE website using the FireFox or Chrome browser. In the upper left of the screen there are login and registration links for student accounts. If you do not yet have an account, select “Register” to register for a student placement account (in the upper left- hand portion of the web page). When entering a student number, enter your M-number without the M.

  2. Practice as much or as little as you please.

    It is good to take at least one practice exam, because that allows you to get accustomed to the style of questions before taking the actual exam. Practice exams are available online for the two business days before scheduled exam days. To take a practice exam, once logged into your placement account, use the pull-down menu to select an exam session whose name has the format

    MSU.Writing.Practice.091823 (the number at the end of each with change with the date)

    Use the password dunker.

Note: You may have to Allow Pop-up pages for the exam page to come up, so if the exam page does not appear, look near the URL entry line for a message that a pop-up window was blocked. Then click on the message and use the provided links to allow pop-up windows on

Summer 2024 KYOTE Testing Options

There will be several testing sessions offered over the summer that align with RNO sessions. All testing will be held in the Business Building, room 201. 

  • Wednesday, June 5 3:00-5:30
  • Thursday, June 6 7:00-11:00
  • Friday, June 3:00-5:30
  • Saturday, June 8 7:00-11:00
  • Wednesday, June 12 3:00-5:30
  • Thursday, June 13 7:00-11:00
  • Monday, June 17 3:00-5:30
  • Tuesday, June 18 7:00-11:00
  • Monday, July 8 3:00-5:30
  • Tuesday, July 9 7:00-11:00
  • Wednesday, July 31 3:00-5:30
  • Thursday, August 1 7:00-11:00

Exams take approximately 45 minutes each. For the mathematics exam, paper, pencil, and calculators will be provided. While taking any of the exams, students must stay on the exam page and may not open a separate window.

If you wish to attend any of the sessions, please RSVP to Additional exam times available by request.

If you need to take all three exams (math, reading, and writing), you may be eligible to take the Accuplacer online exam as an alternative to the KYOTE exams. Please reach out to Sarah Williams for more information.

Contacts for KYOTE exams

For any questions regarding the KYOTE exams, please contact Sarah Williams at

Please contact Dr. Jones for any questions about ENG 111 at

Please contact Admissions with questions about sending test scores to MSU.

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