Minor in Computer Information Systems

The MINOR in CIS is useful for those wanting to get the basics of modern information systems after having mastered another field of study - economics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, criminal justice etc. It merely gives the student a taste of what is involved in managing information in modern organizations.

The list of classes are shown below. Please note that some of these classes may not be offered every term. So, please talk to a CIS adviser and plan ahead.

CSC101 - Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computers [Pre-req: Math ACT score of at least 20 or MAT097 or higher] ,
CSC125 - Internet and Web Page Design,
CSC199 - Introduction to Information Technology [Pre-req: Math ACT score of at least 19 or MAT096 (or higher)],
CSC232 - Introduction to Programming in C# [Pre-req: CSC101  or consent of instructor],
CIS307 - Decision Support Technologies [Pre-req: CSC101 and CSC199],
CIS317 - Principles of Information Systems Analysis and Design [Pre-req: CSC101

and one of the following:

CIS407 - Advanced Database Management Systems [Pre-req: CSC232/CSC145 and either CIS307/ACC308/consent of instructor],
CIS525 - Overview of E-Business Technologies[Pre-req: Consent of instructor],
CIS543 - Data Analysis and Modeling [Pre-req: CIS343],
CIS548 - Enterprise Resource Planning [Pre-req: Consent of instructor],
CSC310 - Database Administration [Pre-req: CIS307 and TSM133], 
CSC332 - Advanced Programming in C# [Pre-req: CSC232 with a grade of C or better or consent of instructor] or TSM517 - Systems Planning [Pre-req: CIS317].