Minor in Game Development

This is an excellent choice for those who wish to dabble in game development when their preferred major is different from computer science. The selection of courses will give students the opportunity to understand computing, related mathematics, graphics and art. It is certainly adequate to get started in the game development industry. Additional on-the-job training and certification will firm up your career path.

Program requirements

Complete at least 1 of the following:

  • CSC145 - Introduction to Programming (3)
  • CSC232 - Introduction to Programming in C# (3)
  • CSC233 - Programming in Python (3)
  • CSC235 - Programming in C++ (3)

Complete the following:

  • CSC275 - Introduction to Game Programming (3)
  • CSC370 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3)
  • CSC515 - Computer Graphics Programming (3)
  • CSC575 - Advanced Game Development (3)

Complete at least 2 of the following:

  • ART350 - Introduction to Graphic Design I: Digital Art (3)
  • ART354 - Illustration (3)
  • ART357 - Motion Graphics (3)
  • ART362 - Digital Sculpt: 3D Modeling and Printing (3)
  • CSC425 - Web-Based Services and Applications (3)

Six hours must be upper-level courses completed in-residence at Murray State University.

Some of these classes have pre-requisites outside the department. Almost all need MAT150. Some need MAT250.

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