Minor in Computer Science

The minor in computer science is best suited for those whose (a) primary interest is in some other discipline but they still wish to beef up their computing knowledge or (b) true love is in a different area but who would like to find a job upon graduation. The knowledge and skills developed within these 21 credits is sufficient to help you get your "foot in the door".

Program requirements

Complete the following:

  • CSC101 - Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computers (3)
  • CSC145 - Introduction to Programming (3)
  • CSC300 - Discrete Structures (3) -- Requires MAT 150
  • CSC325 - Advanced Object-Oriented Programming (3)
  • CSC345 - Data Structures (3)
  • CSC445 - Computer Algorithms (3)


Complete at least 1 of the following:

  • CSC405 - Computer Architecture (3)
  • CSC410 - Parallel and Distributed Computing (3)
  • CSC415 - Programming Languages (3)
  • CSC425 - Web-Based Services and Applications (3)
  • CSC530 - Senior Software Project (3)


Six hours must be upper-level courses completed in-residence at Murray State University.

Some of these classes have pre-requisites outside the department. Almost all need MAT150. Some may need MAT250.

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