Minor in Computer Science

CSC101 - Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computers [Pre-req: Math ACT score of at least 20 or MAT097  or higher],
CSC145 - Introduction to Programming [Pre-req: CSC101 and MAT150 or equivalent] ,
CSC300 - Discrete Structures [Pre-req: CSC145 and MAT150 or equivalent],
CSC345 - Data Structures [Pre-req: CSC145 with a grade of C or higher], 
CSC325 - Advanced Object-Oriented Programming [Pre-req: CSC145] , 
CSC445 - Computer Algorithms [Pre-req: CSC300 and CSC345 or consent of instructor],   

and one of  

CSC405 - Computer Architecture [Pre-req: CSC300 or consent of instructor],
CSC410 - Parallel and Distributed Computing [Pre-req: CSC300 or consent of instructor],
CSC415 - Programming Languages [Pre-req: CSC235 , CSC300,  CSC325 and CSC345],
CSC425 - Mobile and Web Programming, 
CSC530 - Senior Software Project [Pre-req: CIS407CSC425 and CSC430]. 

Six hours must be upper-level courses completed in-residence at Murray State University.
Some of these classes have pre-requisites outside the department. Almost all need MAT150. Some need MAT250.