Undergraduate Programs in Economics

Murray State economics students have a wide choice of curricula with a mixture of business and non-business courses. The program is designated as STEM, which signifies the analytical rigor of the curriculum.

Training in economics provides a variety of analytical skills that are not job-specific. The breadth and flexibility of the major allows students to tailor the program to their career goals in business, finance, healthcare administration, law, politics, foreign affairs, government and more. The students will be well prepared also for a variety of graduate programs. The degree is especially attractive for those who are considering an MBA or law school. 

Economics is among the top 15 majors with highest lifetime earnings (Hamilton Project, Payscale).  According to PayScale’s 2023 College Salary Report that ranks how different majors for bachelor’s degrees compare based on alumni salaries, econometrics majors ranked 17th in the list of over 800 with a median salary of $72,000 and a mid-career salary of $152,100.

For those students wishing to major in another field, the Department of Economics and Finance also offers minors in economics, international economics and business economics.

“The sky is the limit when you have a degree in economics. Above all, economics provides a quantitative framework for analyzing problems and is about how people respond to incentives. I had some of the best economics faculty at Murray State who equipped me with this foundation, along with the technical toolkit such as regression modeling to be able to tackle problems businesses need solved. Whether it is applying models of competition to analyze how a competitor might respond to a price increase, or forecasting the launch of a new product, an economics degree helps you add value to the company – and that is an incentive for them to hire economics grads!”

-Jaime Staengel, Anheuser-Busch

What can you do with a degree in economics?

Wondering about your job prospects after graduation? What might the future hold for you? Here is what some recent graduates are doing after graduation.

  • Financial Analyst, CSI, KY – 2022
  • Operations Specialist II, Edward Jones, IL – 2022
  • Business Development Coordinator, Graves Co Economic Development, Inc. – 2022
  • Project Manager for Business Development, Kentucky Cabinet for Education – 2022
  • Claim Specialist, State Farm Insurance, IL – 2021
  • Regional Economist, US Army Corps of Engineers, VA –  2021
  • Financial Institution Specialist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation –  2020
  • Payroll Specialist, Insperity, CA – 2020
  • Credit Analyst, River Valley AgCredit, KY - 2020
  • Wealth Advisor, Hilliard Lyons, KY – 2020
  • Accounting Technician, City of Columbia, TN –  2019
  • Associate Officer Private Wealth, AllianceBernstein, TN – 2019
  • Associate Investment Analyst, Moneta Group, MO – 2018
  • Risk Management Professional II, Humana, KY - 2018
  • Data Analyst, PI Learning Analytics & Insights Chapter, KY – 2017
  • Financial Associate, Fidelity Investments, KY – 2017
  • Financial Advisor, WoodmanLife, KY – 2017
  • Business Manager, RicandThadeus Music, LLC, KY – 2017
  • Finance Leadership Development Program, Anheuser-Busch, MO – 2017
  • Senior Area Sales Consultant, GE appliances, FL – 2016
  • Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, Pierce Mortgage, KY -2017
  • Insurance Agent, Michael Venable State Farm Insurance, KY -2016
  • Development Project Coordinator, Marysville Economic Development, OH – 2016
  • Softball Coach, TN – 2016
  • JD – University of Memphis Law School
  • Ph.D. in Economics – University of Arizona
  • Ph.D. in Economics – University of Kentucky
  • Master’s in Analytics, - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Master’s in Finance - University of Rochester
  • Master’s in Economics - George Mason University
  • Master’s in Economics - University of Alabama
  • Master’s in Economic Development - Murray State University
  • MBA - Murray State University



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