Organizational Communication and Leadership Mission and Purpose Statement

Department of Organizational Communication and Leadership Mission

To develop student competence in the application and synthesis of those communication processes, theories and skills that enable individuals and groups to organize effectively in an increasingly complex and global society.

Our Program Goals

To prepare our undergraduate students for the roles described in our mission, we must assure their mastery of:

  • Collaborative communication strategies

  • Presentation skills

  • Critical thinking

To prepare our graduate students for the roles described in our mission, we must assure they are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical foundations of the discipline.

  • Distinguish research methodologies and choose appropriate tools in solving organizational problems.

  • Demonstrate effective communication practices in organizational settings. 

Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business Mission Statement

The  Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business (AJB-CoB)  prepares students for careers in the dynamic environments of business, information technology, public and private organizations, and mass communications. With a domestic student population drawn primarily from Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois; and a substantial international student population; the  AJB-CoB  strives for excellence by:

  • Engaging students in the acquisition of fundamental knowledge;  mastery of professional skills (including oral and written communication, problem solving and critical thinking); and the application of knowledge and skills to emerging issues, technologies, and professional practices in a student-centered learning environment.

  • Providing students with quality undergraduate and master’s degree programs embodied in relevant curricula and innovative learning environments.

  • Encouraging students in intellectual and social development by providing a high degree of student and faculty interaction both inside and outside the classroom, cultivating leadership, and developing an appreciation for ethical issues and diversity in the global market place.

  • Providing students with global perspectives in the classroom, while also encouraging both students and faculty to pursue opportunities for international travel and learning.

  • Developing and encouraging academic outreach, collaborative relationships with alumni, business and industry, public schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations, as well as colleges and universities at home and abroad.

  • Supporting a faculty commitment to quality teaching, service and continuous improvement that is enhanced by a 50% to 65% focus on Discipline Based Scholarship (DBS), with secondary emphasis on both Contributions to Practice (CP) and Learning and Pedagogical Scholarship (LPS).

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