Minor in Higher Education

Higher Education Undergraduate Minor

The Higher Education undergraduate minor is designed to provide students majoring in any academic discipline, including business, liberal arts or education, with the knowledge base, skill set and professional attitudes associated with a career in student affairs/higher education. This minor will prepare students for entry-level professional positions in student affairs (e.g., residence life, student activities, recreational sports, Greek life, admissions, etc.) at various institutional types of higher education (e.g., community colleges, four-year universities). Additionally, the minor will prepare students for graduate-level study in masters preparation programs in higher education and student affairs. 

Required Courses

This 18 hour minor consists of 12 required hours and 6 elective hours.

Required Core - 12 hours

  • PSE 300 - Higher Education in the United States (3) 
    The United States is home to a vast array of colleges, universities, trade schools and other postsecondary institutions. This course introduces students to these institutions, the people who inhabit them and some of the challenges they face. 
  • PSE 325 - The American College in Popular Media (3) 
    Through shared and independent viewing of depictions of colleges, students will analyze and critique the ways in which varied aspects of collegiate life are represented in film, television, fiction and the Internet. 
  • PSE 400 - Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (3) 
    Examines current issues and research relating to participation and success of students and faculty from different backgrounds in U.S. higher education. Emphasis is on the interplay between social identities and institutional, societal, governmental and personal influences on participation and retention of students and faculty. 
  • GUI 450 - Seminar in Personnel Services (3) 
    This seminar will serve as an observation, discussion, participation and evaluation laboratory for individuals who are working in the areas of personnel services. {tailor to HESA minor by focusing on career opportunities in higher education and student affairs} 

Electives- 6 hours (choose 2 from the list below)

  • CNS 320 - Social and Learning Theories (3)
  • CNS 371 - Diversity and Advocacy Issues (3)
  • COM345 - Diversity, Communication and the Workplace
  • GOS 201 - Introduction to Gender and Diversity Studies (3)
  • INF 101 - Research in the Information Age (3)
  • MGT 350 - Fundamentals of Management (3)
  • PHI 142 - Philosophy-The Big Questions (3)
  • SOC 269 - Popular Culture (3) 

Contact Us

Dr. Brian Bourke

Dr. Brian Bourke

Professor/Program Coordinator

3243 Alexander Hall

Brian Bourke, Ph.D., is a faculty member and Program Coordinator in the Postsecondary Education master's and P-20 Leadership doctoral programs. He teaches courses on research methods and assessment, student characteristics and development, and the organization and administration of higher education. Through his scholarship, Brian explores issues pertaining to the experiences of students of color in predominantly White institutions, and the evolution of professional values in student affairs. Prior to joining the professoriate in 2007, Brian worked in residence life for several years.


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