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Program Philosophy

We believe that learners of all ages have the right to learn and reach their fullest potential. Success refers not only to accomplishment of immediate goals, but also to long-range goals long after graduation. School psychologists are important agents who assist learners, families, teachers and others to be successful. Ultimately, our program emphasizes prevention and intervention services related to the psychoeducational and mental health needs of all learners.

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Our Program

The Murray State School Psychology program is designed to prepare graduates to work as certified school psychologists in school districts across the country. Our program is grounded in a practitioner-scholar model that focuses on the practical application of scholarly knowledge through synthesis and dissemination of current research and technologies in applied settings. As scientists, students will develop a solid foundation of content knowledge in core areas of psychology, education, research methods and professional school psychology. The curriculum also prepares students for taking the national examination for school psychologists (Praxis II). In general, training opportunities associated with our programs aim to provide students with meaningful and practical experiences that will allow them to become effective leaders in the schools in which they work.

Our programs boast several advantages that help us attract high-quality applicants. Founded in 1997, the School Psychology Program is a well-established program that exists to address the national shortage of school psychologists. Our programs have a strong history of excellence with a 100% pass rate on the national certification test and 100% employment rate in school psychology after graduation. We also offer a highly-collaborative work environment with small class sizes and collegial faculty. Together, our programs are designed to mentor students as they develop expertise and learn innovative technologies for addressing education’s biggest challenges.


Degree and Training Opportunities

  • Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in School Psychology Program - This 60-credit hour degree program prepares students to meet the requirements for certification as school psychologists.
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies - 6th Year Certification Program in School Psychology - Applicants with a master’s degree can pursue a certificate in school psychology, which leads to an endorsement/certification to work in PK-12 schools in Kentucky.
  • Individual Intellectual Assessment (IIA) Endorsement – School counselors in Kentucky can pursue a certificate in standardized test administration that qualifies them to administer cognitive, academic and other specialized assessments (Autism, memory, personality, behavior, emotional/affective).

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