Human Development and Leadership (HDL) Program

The Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership (HDL) is designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of professionals. Courses focus on understanding human development and how to apply that knowledge to leadership in your current or future career setting. You will be prepared to work in administration, program development and in diverse career settings. Our students will have the opportunity to refine skills and understandings in working with other professionals and the public. This is a 33 hour program. The 21 core course hours provide a solid foundation of information and skills for anyone with leadership responsibilities. A concentration area of 12 hours expands the individuals' knowledge in a career field based on current and/or future career goals.

The 21 hour core includes courses in leadership, group/team development, human development, diversity, research, legal/ethical issues, and interpersonal processes.  Each course focuses on application of information to you and to your leadership role. 

Graduate Programs Tuition & Fees

HDL Graduates will…

  • Understand basic precepts of workplace law and ethical decision making and evaluate policy and practice accordingly.
  • Understand best practices in leading groups, be able to demonstrate the facilitation of effective group processes, and learn strategies for addressing programs in groups.
  • Understand the progression of needs of clients in different places in life and know best practices of responding to those needs.
  • Understand the basic precepts for organizational research, be able to conduct and interpret such projects and be informed consumers of research.
  • Understand personal leadership strengths and tendencies and be able to adapt accepted leadership practices to personal practice
  • Understand the role and importance of diversity both personally and professionally.

HDL Program Graduates Fall 2013  
For questions about the program, please contact:
Dr. Landon Clark, HDL Program Coordinator
Phone: 270.809.6968