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Whether you take our classes to satisfy gen ed requirements or focus your studies in English and Philosophy, you'll learn how to think and write critically, creatively, and analytically. Our faculty and students produce exciting, interdisciplinary scholarly and creative work, and our students benefit from a rich variety of course offerings tailored to specific academic interests.

Our graduates pursue careers in the United States and abroad in education, law, marketing, finance, medicine, business, public health, philanthropy, and the arts -- just to name a few. If you can name a job that requires critical, analytical, and creative thinking, writing, and/or teaching, chances are that our graduates are doing it!

Our department -- the largest on campus -- offers countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. No matter how you immerse yourself in our vast offerings, we’re sure you'll leave knowing the value of logic, ethics, diversity, culture, and intercultural connection.


"Every professor in the department has been welcoming of different perspectives from each student, which prompts great discussion. I love how my classmates approach readings differently than I do and how well these conversations can move from class to class."

Amara StroudStudent, English Education


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"I am thankful for the ability to be a working professional and finish the degree. I also appreciate the cohort model and that the program recognizes the skills and expertise that many of us bring to the program."

Robin RhodesGraduate, DA English Pedagogy

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