Mathematics/Secondary Certification Major

This major prepares the student to teach mathematics and statistics in a high school setting. A minor is required, and a well-chosen one can increase the job prospects of a future teacher.

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts Degree

Graduation Requirements:

Note: Certification requires a grade of B or better in the following University Studies courses: one English composition course, a mathematics course and a public speaking course.

A minimum grade of B is required in EDU 180, 280, 380, 480, and 485.

A minimum 2.75 GPA is required.

Additional requirements for admission to teacher education and student teaching must be met. See advisor and/or Office of Teacher Education Services for details.

SEC 420 and SEC 422 must be taken one semester before student teaching.

University Studies Requirements: 32-41 hrs
(see University Studies section in bulletin)

University Studies selections must include:

  • MAT 250 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  • PSY 180 General Psychology

Required Courses: 28 hrs

  • MAT 100T Transitions
  • MAT 308 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
  • MAT 309 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
  • MAT 312 Mathematical Reasoning
  • MAT 335 Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra
  • MAT 417 Foundations of Geometry
  • MAT 452Teaching Mathematics
  • STA 253 Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis
  • STA 440 Mathematical Statistics I

Required Limited Electives: 9 hrs

Complete at least one of the following:

  • MAT 513 Modern Algebra I
  • MAT 516 Introduction to Topology
  • MAT 525 Advanced Calculus I

and at least one of the following:

  • MAT 442 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • MAT 506 Mathematical Modeling I
  • MAT 524 Boundary Value Problems
  • STA 541 Mathematical Statistics II

and at least and 3 credits from:

  • MAT 338 Ordinary Differential Equations, or
  • courses from MAT or STA 400-599

Co-requirement: 3 hrs
One course in computer programming selected from

  • CSC 145 Introduction to Programming
  • CSC 232 Introduction to Programming in C#
  • CSC 233 Programming in Python
  • CSC 235 Programming in C++

Required for Secondary Certification in Mathematics: 33 hrs

Earn a minimum grade of B in the following:

  • EDU 180 Exploring the Teaching Profession
  • EDU 280 Educating for Human Development
  • EDU 380 Inclusive Teaching of Diverse Learners
  • EDU 480 Effective Pedagogy
  • EDU 485 Professional Perspectives for Teaching

Complete the following:

  • SEC 420 Practicum in Secondary Schools
  • SEC 421 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • SEC 422 Extended Practicum

Required minor (21 hrs)

Total Credits: 66-73 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements: 120 hrs

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