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In partnership with Western Kentucky University (WKU) and The Medical Center at Bowling Green (MCBG), the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM) has established a regional campus in Bowling Green.  Physician workforce needs in Kentucky in general, and in South Central and Western Kentucky in particular, will be addressed by this initiative that is intended to increase the number of students from the region who complete medical school locally.

In an effort to attract top students and increase the applicant pool to this initiative, the UK COM and Murray State University will launch an Early Assurance Program (EAP). The Early Assurance Program will provide selected Murray State students with assured admission to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine-Bowling Green (UKCOM-BG) upon successful completion of the program requirements listed further below, and graduation from Murray State.

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Early Assurance Program Selection Criteria

  1. Expected completion of four full-time semesters by the end of the spring semester at Murray State University
  2. Appropriate preparatory coursework for a medical career including:
  3. Five full-semester science courses, including but not limited to the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and/or mathematics and not including associated laboratory courses
  4. Two semesters of humanities coursework, emphasizing written or spoken communication skills
  5. Anticipated college graduation within 3-4 additional full-time semesters
  6. Cumulative college GPA of at least 3.6
  7. Cumulative college science GPA of at least 3.6
  8. Commitment to participate in all Early Assurance Program activities

Selection Process

Interested students must submit a complete application by the designated deadline in the Spring semester.  This will include:

  1. Application form (online)
  2. Two faculty letters of recommendation
  3. Unofficial transcript

A UK College of Medicine early assurance advisory committee will review applications, select students for interviews, and conduct interviews.  Applicants will be assessed on their academic performance, commitment to medicine, personal characteristics necessary for a successful medical career and dedication to the state of Kentucky.

The advisory committee will recommend Early Assurance Program candidates to the UK College of Medicine Admissions Committee, which is responsible for final review and selection.  The UK College of Medicine Admissions Committee will only consider applicants who have submitted an unofficial transcript that includes Spring semester grades by the designated deadline. Early Assurance Program Applicants will be notified of final selection decisions by May 31st

Early Assurance Program Activities

Students accepted into the Early Assurance Program must participate in all program activities, including but not limited to:

  1. UK College of Medicine Boot Camp during the summer following acceptance
  2. Murray State University coordinated ongoing shadowing and mentoring experiences with physicians throughout the subsequent academic year

Assured Admission to the UK College of Medicine-Bowling Green Campus

Students must complete all program requirements to apply for assured admission, including:

  1. Full participation in all Early Assurance Program activities
  2. Completion of all UK College of Medicine prerequisite coursework
  3. Maintenance of a college GPA of at least 3.5
  4. Maintenance of a science GPA of at least 3.5
  5. Successful completion of the MCAT with a total score of at least 504 and subscores of at least 124
  6. Anticipated graduation by the end of the summer session prior to matriculation to the UK College of Medicine 

Students must submit a completed application to the UK College of Medicine by June 1st of their final academic year, designating “Early Assurance.” Applicants must submit a completed secondary application to the UK College of Medicine by August 15th, designating the UK College of Medicine-Bowling Green Campus as their first selection.  The Admissions Committee will conditionally accept applicants demonstrating the personal attributes necessary to become a competent physician.

Any student not meeting program requirements may still apply for admission to the UK College of Medicine, but must designate either “Regular Decision” or “Early Decision” depending upon their preference.


Any questions about this program should be directed to Dr. Ricky Cox via E-mail (jcox@murraystate.edu) or phone (270-809-6543).  At Murray State, this program is a collaboration between the Jones CSET, Biological Sciences, Chemistry and the Purchase AHEC.

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