Test Drive a Racer 

Thank you! 

Thank you to all of the companies who partnered with us in our Test Drive a Racer program over the last four years.  We appreciate your support of our programs and our students.  Thank you for providing valuable, hands-on experiences for our students that will prepare them for their career.   Although the grant that supports the Test Drive a Racer program has ended, we hope you will continue to hire our students in internship experiences.  

Test Drive a Racer internship program industry partners:

  • Bacon, Farmer and Workman Engineering and Testing, Inc.
  • Bluegrass Computer Systems
  • Planning/Engineering, City of Murray
  • DEVsource
  • Douglass Autotech
  • Eco-Tech Consultants
  • Pella
  • Pennyrile Area Development District
  • Pinnacle
  • Purchase Area Development District
  • Span Tech
  • Superior Graphite
  • Tanager Productions
  • Wildlife Services (USDA)
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • United Systems & Software

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