Six departments in the Jesse D. Jones College of Science, Engineering and Technology prepare students for careers in a variety of fields with applications like physics, engineering, industrial technology, occupational safety and health, biological sciences, chemistry, wildlife conservation, earth and environmental science, sustainability, telecommunications systems management and so much more.

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Undergraduate programs



Biology | Bachelor of Science in Biology | Biomedical Sciences | Secondary Certification | Fisheries/Aquatic Biology | Pre-Dentistry option | Pre-Medicine option | Pre-Pharmacy | Pre-Physician Assistant | Pre-Physical Therapy | Wildlife and Conservation Biology option | Biology Minor



Chemistry area | Chemistry major | Chemistry major with Secondary Certification | Chemistry major for Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Students | Chemistry major for Pre-Pharmacy Students | Chemistry major with Biochemistry option | Chemistry major with Forensics option | Chemistry Polymer and Materials Science Track

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Archaeology | Earth Science Secondary Certification | Environmental Science | Geography and GIS | Geology | Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate | Anthropology Minor | Archaeology Minor | Earth Science Minor | Environmental Geology Minor | Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor | Social Science Minor


School of Engineering


Civil and Sustainability Engineering

Engineering Physics

Aerospace Engineering trackElectrical Engineering track | Mechanical Engineering track | Advanced Physics track

Engineering Technology

Construction and Architecture Management | Electromechanical Engineering Technology | Manufacturing Engineering Technology


Applied PhysicsApplied Physics - Pre-MBA Track | Physics Secondary CertificationPhysics

Design Engineering Technology | Cybersecurity and Network Management | Associate Degrees

Mathematics and Statistics


Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in MathematicsSecondary Certification | Area in Applied Mathematics option

| Area in Pre-MBA option | Area in Secondary Certification option | Mathematics Minor

Occupational Safety and health


Occupation Safety and Health | minor in Occupational Safety and Health.

Graduate programs


Master of Science in Biology


Master of Science in Chemistry

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics graduate program

Interdisciplinary Program

Master of Science in Sustainability Science

Occupational Safety and Health

M.S. in Occupational Safety and Health

Online M.S. in Occupational Safety and Health


JCSET Graduate Research and Conference Travel Grants

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