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This 15-hour certificate is designed to provide students fundamental knowledge of geographic information science necessary for today’s diverse array of fields and disciplines. The certification program will provide students experience in data collection, data management methods and techniques, data visualization, data analysis and interpretation, and the principles and techniques of remote sensing. Student will gain experience using industry standard hardware and software to develop a variety of projects and GIScience applications.

Total Course Requirements — 15 hours

EES 202 Introduction to Geographic Information Science

EES 512 Remote Sensing

EES 521 Geographic Information Systems

One elective course from the following:

AGR 471 Applications in Precision Agriculture

BIO 240 Biological Applications in GIS

CIS 307 Decision Support Technologies

CIS 317 Principles of Information Systems Analysis and Design

CSC 145 Introduction to Programming

CSC 232 Visual Basic Programming

CSC 310 Data Administration

CSC 345 Data Structures

EES 305 Introduction to Cartography

EES 507 Land Use Planning

EES 522 Advanced Cartography

EES 570 Computer Applications in Geosciences

MKT 585 Integrated Business GIS 1 

To apply to this certificate program, complete the program application

Dr. Robin Zhang
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The 15-hour certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain is designed to provide conceptual background and an introduction to analytical methods for making sound operational and strategic business decisions. The courses included in the certificate program place an emphasis on balancing the development and mastery of concepts with application through projects, simulations, and case studies.

Dr. Teresa Betts

This 12-hour fully online certificate consists of 8-week courses. There are no regularly required virtual meetings. Instead, you will be able to learn on your own time! Visit our website for more information or contact the program coordinator. 

Dr. Robert Fritz

This 18-hour undergraduate certificate is offered online. Course availability may vary by semester. Contact the Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts for more information. 

Bent Menchinger 
Department Chair
Global Languages & Theatre Arts

Online Graduate Certificate Programs

The Certificate in College Advising equips individuals with counseling-based advising skills and an organizational understanding for postsecondary education. Although the certificate program is open to individuals who meet the admissions criteria, ideal candidates are those who work or desire to work in the counseling or postsecondary education administration field, workforce development, or career centers.

Required Coursework

  • CNS 619: Foundational Counseling Skills
  • CNS 686: Career Counseling
  • PSE 616: College Students in the United States
  • PSE 740: Contemporary Issues in Postsecondary Education
Dr. Ben Littlepage

This 12-hour certificate program will is perfect for those working in the field of local and regional economic development. Upon successful completion of the following courses, students will be awarded a Certificate in Economic Development. Courses taken may be able to count towards a master's degree if used within 8 years. Contact the economics and finance department for more information.  

Required Coursework

  • ECO 610: Introduction to Economic Development
  • ECO 611: Economic Development Methods
  • ECO 655: Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • FIN 610: Economic Development FInance 
Dr. Simone Silve
Coordinator, Department Chair

The 14-hour Certificate in Geospatial Data Science (cGDS) program is designed to complement interdisciplinary graduate and professional degree programs in data science and to provide specialized set of courses emphasizing geospatial science and technology for students to gain professional skills and/or knowledge. The certification program will support professionals working in geospatial field and will provide experience using industry and federal data standards and methodologies for data acquisition/input, manipulation, analysis, modeling and output. It will also add value to traditional computer science and geography discipline areas, such as big data analytics, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and science, and CyberGIS.

 Required Courses — 11 hours

EES 612 Remote Sensing

EES 621 Geographic Information Systems

EES 693 Special Problems 


Required Limited Electives — 3 hours

BUS 684 Seminar in Geospatial Tools in Business

CIS 607 Manager’s Guide to Database

CIS 609 Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence

CIS 643 Advanced Business Analytics

CIS 695 Comprehensive Project in Computer Information Systems

CYS 615 Information System Security

EES 640 Advanced Remote Sensing

EES 660 Spatial Analysis Techniques

EES 678 Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling

EES 679 Remote Sensing of Vegetation

EES 680 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

EES 691 Special Problems

EES 692 Special Problems

EES 696 Understanding Scientific Communication

MKT 685 Seminar in Marketing Location Analytics

Dr. Robin Zhang
Coordinator and Department Chair

This 12-hour graduate certificate provides specialized knowledge of effective communication practices within healthcare settings. Visit our websiteor contact the program director for more details.

Dr. Frances Smith
Graduate Program Director
Department of Organizational Communication and Leadership
311-A Wilson Hall

The Certificate in Higher Education Assessment is designed to meet the need for professionals across postsecondary education institution types who are skilled in planning and carrying out assessment practices. The curriculum is focused on the development of skills that are immediately applicable at departmental, division, and institution-wide levels. This 12 credit hour program can be completed in only one year. 


Required Coursework

  • ADM 735: Institutional Research, Assessment and Accreditation
  • HDL 631: Educational Data Management Techniques
  • HDL 633: Educational Data Mining
  • HDL 632: Advanced Statistical Analyses of Educational Data OR  HDL 634: Observation and Interview Assessment


The Certificate in Higher Education Management equips individuals with administrative skill sets and an awareness for organizational constructs applicable to varying postsecondary institutional types. Explore topics related to assessment, accreditation, budgeting, finance, jurisprudence, organizational systems, and strategic planningthrough the curriculum. This 12 credit hour program can be completed in only one year. In addition, the courses in the curriculum can be counted toward the Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education Administration degree program. 

Required Coursework

  • ADM 735:Institutional Research, Assessment, and Accreditation
  • PSE 710:Higher Education and the Law
  • PSE 755:Postsecondary Instructional Support Systems 
  • PSE 760:Organization and Operations in Postsecondary Education




The Human Development and Leadership Certificate program is designed for individuals working in positions such as administrative, program development, or direct services positions in a wide range of settings. This certificate will provide additional information and skills for those with leadership responsibilities or for those wanting to move toward assuming a greater leadership role. The four courses focus on the self (HDL660), working with diverse individuals and cultures (HDL670), developing an understanding of and how to utilize assessments in non-clinical settings (HDL675), and understanding the process of working in and with groups (HDL692).


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The youth and nonprofit field is growing rapidly with the number of nonprofits now over 2,000,000. This indicates a 30% growth in the last decade alone. With this growth, and in order to meet the demands of those interested in community service and non-profit work, it is imperative that leaders in the field have an avenue for additional preparation. Leaders in the youth and nonprofit field often have degrees representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to psychology, sociology, business, recreation, organizational communication and others. Too few have degrees that are focused on the specific competencies necessary for success in the youth and human service field. This certificate focuses on these competencies and will strengthen leadership skills and programs addressing many community needs in the region.


Visit our websitefor more information about online graduate certificate programs.


This 12-hour graduate certificate will give you the knowledge you need to lead any type of organization. You will gain skills in team building, conflict management, managerial strategies, persuasion techniques and more!  Visit our website or contact the program director for more details.

Dr. Frances Smith
Graduate Program Director
Department of Organizational Communication and Leadership
311-A Wilson Hall

Explore topics related to program and service development, student development theory, international student support, and contemporary issues in higher education through the curriculum. You will also have the opportunity to study abroad as part of this certificate program! This 12 credit hour program can be completed in only one year.In addition, the courses in the curriculum can be counted toward the Master of Arts in Postsecondary Education Administration degree program. 

Required Coursework

  • PSE 615: Introduction to Student Affairs
  • PSE 616: College Students in the United States
  • PSE 630: Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education
  • PSE 740: Contemporary Issues in Postsecondary Education 



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