Computer Science and Information Systems

Thank you for your interest in our programs! We offer a variety of majors and minors for those interested in the world of software - the ability to provide clear and unambiguous instructions to computers so they can accomplish the assigned task quickly and accurately. And more importantly - as the video linked below shows - this is a great way to develop your thinking skills whether you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or target any career path that requires precise, systematic, logical thinking.

The educational choices we provide caters to a variety of strengths; those who wish to work mostly with machines (computer science) as well as those who like to work with people and machines (Computer Information Systems) will find a home here. In addition, those with a bachelor's degree can also explore one of our graduate programs - MSIS, MTSM.

Students may choose from two baccalaureate degree programsComputer Science (CS) or Information Systems(IS). For those seeking just a taste of this discipline, we also offer minors both in CS and IS. The department also offers two graduate programs: a masters program in information systems (MSIS) and a masters program in telecommunications systems management. These programs are open to either the technical person interested in enhancing his/her business credentials or the business person interested in bolstering technical credentials. The MSIS program is accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business since its inception in 2008.

Students have access to modern well-equipped computer laboratories with an extensive collection of state-of-the-art software and equipment to provide students with a rich practical experience. The learning environment and curricula are structured to give students the theoretical background and practical experience necessary to successfully pursue a variety of technical and professional careers in the dynamic and rapidly changing computing fields.SAP University Alliance Logo GIF Microsoft Academic Alliance Since August 2013, students from the Bauernfeind College of Business can use high-end software, large data sets and supporting material from SAP,  "the market leader in Enterprise application software".

Our faculty are highly qualified and drawn from both academia and industry. They are also nationally recognized for their research in a wide variety of areas including style of learning, women in computer science, decision support, computer security, knowledge management and robotics. Almost all hold a doctorate in their discipline.

Those who graduated from our programs have nothing but praise for what they received - small classes, great facilities, plenty of learning opportunities, new friends, and a well-rounded education. Our graduates have found great success in a wide range of career tracks such as software engineers, systems analyst, information security engineer, database administrator, project manager, independent consultant, chief information officer, network architects, voice over IP (VOIP) architects, at small, medium, and large businesses and non-profit organizations.

Perhaps you should join their ranks? Get started now!