The CSIS department hosts several events throughout the academic year. Some are academic while others are social. We wish to graduate well-rounded individuals. Some of the more common events and their frequency are given below:

  • CSC199 Introduction to Information Technology - Challenge exam - We realize that several students may have prior knowledge of the contents of this course. This gives them an opportunity to validate their competency and earn three hours' credit. This is scheduled two times a year - just before the Fall and Spring terms. We have the capacity to do it more often, but the demand has been spotty.

  • Fall picnic - The department organizes annual picnics at one of the faculty members' homes. This is limited to faculty and scholarship winners. The location changes each year. In 2011, it was hosted by Dr. Bob Pilgrim.

  • ACM Regional Programming competition - This is an annual event held on the first weekend of November. The event is sponsored by IBM and draws contestants from IN, IL, TN and KY.

  • Awards Banquet - This is an annual event held each Spring. We recognize our honors graduates and announce scholarship winners as well as the Department's outstanding Seniors in CIS and CSC. A highlight of this event is senior class (as well as graduate) project presentations and other work-in-progress

  • Advisory Board Meeting - This is also an annual event and held in conjunction with the Awards Banquet. The department's Advisory Board will review our progress and offer tips and pointers for improving the quality of our graduates as well as our programs. In the past we have tapped into these executives to interview our graduating class so they get some experience on interviewing strategies.

  • Student clubs - The department sponsors at least three professional clubs - ACM, AITP,  and WIC - to encourage the student to learn more about their chosen career paths. The clubs meet at varying levels of frequency. Email the department to know more about these opportunities.

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