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Now that you are sure about the direction you want your career to take, there are several steps that you must take before you can start taking classes in our department. The steps you take depends on your classification - incoming freshman, incoming graduate student (domestic or international), transfer student, visiting student. Procedures for each of these are linked below:

  • Incoming Freshman: This is the most straightforward of cases. You will need to make sure you have your transcripts sent directly to Murray State, pay the application fee, complete the form, apply for scholarships and wait for the notification letter from Murray State University. The department is not involved in the process.
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  • Transfer student: Depending on the number of credits you've earned (and the institution), this can vary from a simple process to a somewhat tedious and complex process requiring input from many offices and individuals. It is best that you start soon and CONFIRM that all your transcripts have been received by our Transfer Center. They have to enter this into our registration system before we in the department can access it. The closer you are to the start of the regular term, the harder it is going to be for all the classes to be recorded. And if they are all not recorded, chances are that you may be repeating classes for which you MAY have got credit already.

  • International Students (undergraduate and graduate): This is perhaps the most complicated type of admission to complete and therefore requires more time. Plan on completing all the paperwork at least SIX months before the term you plan to start (February for Fall classes; June for Spring classes). ANYBODY that requires a visa/passport to enter and travel about inside the US will have to start here.

  • Exchange student / Visiting Scholar: In order to start the process of becoming an exchange student at Murray State University, you must first be designated by your university. We will need confirmation from your home university (email message is fine) stating that you have been officially selected as an exchange student from the appropriate office at your home university.

Class Registration: Once you have been admitted, it is time to register for classes. Visit KnowledgeManager for guidance registering. The registration schedule is set by the Registrar's office. View the registration calendar.

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