The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects tremendous growth and high salaries for those seeking careers in computer-related industries. Our graduates are successfully placed in a variety of managerial and technical positions in Information Systems, IT management, E-business, Systems Analysis, Project Management at small, medium and large businesses and/or non-profit organizations.

Sample of employers

Our students work for employers that span the entire spectrum from local small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Some examples are (in no particular order): 

  • Deloitte and Touche; 

  • JC Penney;

  • Caterpillar;  

  • International Paper Inc.;  

  • State Farm Insurance;

  • Tennessee Valley Authority;  

  • LexisNexis;

  • Ligon International;  

  • Intergraph;  

  • ISP Chemicals;  

  • Teledyne;

  • Browne Engineering;

  • CISCO;

  • Microsoft;

  • Vistela;

  • Ernst and Young;

  • Shoe Carnival;

  • Westvaco;

  • Anheuser-Busch;

  • United Systems and Software;

  • Ingram Book Company;

  • Lucent Technologies;

  • Apex (founders);

  • Lexmark Computer Services Inc.; and

  • many others.

The strong foundation provided by our curriculum enables students to work in roles that span the entire Information Technology Spectrum - Software development, Network Administration, Database administration, data security, network testing, quality control, software and network installation, training, project management etc. Career choices are not restricted to the mainframe or Intel platform. We have alumni working in Unix/Linux environments as well as huge mainframes.


Salaries are beginning to race up again. Our graduating classes are rather small because students fearing the off-shoring industry switched to other majors. Those who stayed are now able to pick and choose from the numerous offers they are getting. Our CIS and CSC grads are receiving generous offers as early as a semester before graduation! They are reaping the benefits of sticking with and graduating with a CIS/CSC degree. The following table summarizes typical job titles and median salaries for our graduates nationwide

  • Sys. Analysis & Prog. $79,680

  • Software developers $93,350

  • Database Administrators $77,080

  • Information Security Analyst $86,170

[Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook - 2012 data]

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