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CSIS Awards: The department allocates funds for two major scholarships - CSIS Department award and CSIS Faculty Award. The CSIS Department Award is funded by calls made to alumni every year. Most of this is set aside for incoming freshmen. The faculty award is funded by donations from the CSIS faculty and is awarded to students who have been on campus for at least a semester.

Robert P. McCann Scholarship 

This is a generous amount funded by the McCann family and his students from his time here on campus (80s). He was one of the very early faculty members of the CIS program and instrumental in setting up this department. The award is designated for students in the CIS program.

United Systems & Software Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems 

This award comes with a certificate and a $500 cash gift from United-Systems & Software. In addition, the name of the award winner is added to a plaque and displayed permanently in the CSIS office lobby.

United Systems & Software, Inc. is a technical services firm that specializes in software development, network services and wireless technology. Founded in 1977, they now serve over 400 customers throughout the central United States. Their focus is to help utilities and local government in the effective use of technology.

[Unnamed] Outstanding Senior in Computer Science 

This award comes with a certificate and a $500 gift from Syngenta Digital. Their name is added to a plaque and displayed permanently in the CSIS office lobby.

Syngenta Digital is a Murray-based software company. They develop and continuously update crop management software solutions that make their clients’ lives easier and their farms more efficient and compliant. Their experienced crop management specialists help farmers get these systems up and running with a mix of on-site training, web-based training, video tutorials, and friendly, knowledgeable phone support. Ag Connections software is integrated with systems from multiple manufacturers, including John Deere’s GreenStar series of displays and various scale indicators and irrigation controllers.

An Island LLC Outstanding Teacher in CSIS

This award is given annually to the department’s nominee for the Board of Regent’s Award for Teaching Excellence. The department Chair nominates this individual on the basis of classroom performance and student input. A $1000 award is included with this award. The winner’s name is added to a plaque and displayed permanently in the CSIS office lobby.

An Island LLC is a technical services company based in Tell City, Indiana, focusing on providing IT solutions and services to industries and businesses of all sizes. They specialize in implementing end-to-end ERP solutions like SAP, providing IT Strategy and Road Map guidance in addition to product development and support. They have also launched a cloud-based application called “CENT” that is available for small businesses at an affordable cost. Their aim is to provide low cost and reliable solutions to customers and provide job opportunities in rural America.

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