I am interested in "computers". What major should I choose?

You should narrow down your interest to "software" or "hardware". That is, if you are interested in writing instructions for computers to accomplish tasks efficiently and in a secure manner, you would choose either Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. If your interest is more along the lines of hardware - system setup, networking, installation etc - you should look at the Cybersecurity and Network Management program.

I want to study at a local community college for a year or so. Will my classes transfer smoothly to Murray State?

This can be a bit tricky. So, first, schedule an appointment with the Transfer Center and ask them specifically about "General Education" or "University Studies" classes that will transfer. The Transfer Equivalent Course Lookup can be VERY helpful as you make your selections for electives etc., and determine if it comes in as one of our classes. Knowing what you will major in can be critical. For instance if you are going the CIS route, there are specific classes you will need to take BEFORE you can start at Murray. It will be wise to discuss with our online programs advisor ASAP. Community college course recommendation for CIS is available at the CIS Online page. We also have a "finish-in-five" Computer Science program for those who have earned an Associates degree. this could take longer if you don't have the required Math and/or programming foundation. To be able to finish in five terms, you will also have to double up on several upper division classes that may (or may not) be stressful. It depends on you.

Do you have a 2+2 program for those who have completed an Associates degree?

A well-defined 2+2 program is available in CNM and CIS. We also have a "finish-in-five" Computer Science program for those with an associates degree. this could take longer if you don't have the required Math and/or programming foundation. Choose wisely while taking electives in the Associates degree.

Are any of your programs available online?

Yes. The CIS program is available online. Learn more about the online program. The Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management is also available online.

What are the undergraduate admission requirements (Math foundation)?

Most admission decisions are handled by the undergraduate admissions office and are based on ACT scores. If a student does not have ACT (or equivalent) scores, students are directed to the department chair who then has to determine the appropriate MATH classes to recommend. In such cases, the student will be directed to the department of mathematics to schedule one of the 3 KYOTE exams - College Readiness, College Algebra, or Calculus. It is wise to take some of the practice exams to see how they place.  

Students may go to KYOTE and choose the link for "Practice Exams" in the upper left panel of the page. There are 4 practice exams for the KYOTE Math College Readiness Exam. The answers to each are on the bottom of the page.

  • A score of 0-8 would place you into MAT 095, after which you would take MAT 096, and then MAT 117.

  • A score of 9-15 would place you in MAT 096 (which would suffice as a prerequisite for MAT 117, once completed). 

  • A score of 16-21 would place you into MAT 097, and then you would have to choose whether to take MAT 096 to get into MAT 117 or take MAT 097 with a view that in the future you might want to take a course that would require the stronger MAT 097 for a prerequisite. 

Students planning on majoring in either of our undergraduate programs must start at MAT140 (or MAT150).  

  • Students going the MAT140 route will need a 14 on College Algebra Exam OR 27 on College Readiness Exam

  • Students going the MAT150 route will need a 9 on KYOTE Calculus Exam

I am having difficulty with some of my Math classes. Where can I get some help?

There are two places where you can get help. The Lowery Center offers free tutoring services for the lower level math classes. The Math department offers some services through the "Ross Mathematical Studies and Career Center" for other classes.

I have a bachelor's degree, but wish to do something in "computers". What are my options?

First decide what direction you'd like to go (see first question above). After that consider one of these options:

  • complete all the requirements for a second degree. In this case you will not have to complete the "University Studies" courses. However both the Computer Science and Computer Information Systems have specific courses required under "University Studies" like MAT250, ECO231, etc. Please consult with the department chair for more assistance.

  • Alternately, you can explore the MS in Information Systems program. It is a 30-credit AACSB accredited program that was started in Fall 2008. It is open to people with any background. The program director (contact) will assist you with foundation courses you may need before you can start the program. A GRE/GMAT test score is required.

Does the MS program require the GRE/GMAT. If so, which?

Yes, the MS in Information Systems does require an ETS score. The code for Murray State University is 1494. We will accept either as long as it is still valid. The minimum acceptable score varies depending on which version of the test was taken. Please contact the program director. The GRE may be taken at our Counseling and Testing Center (270.809.6851).Please call and schedule at least three weeks in advance of the date you wish to take the test.

The Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management program also requires the GRE/GMAT. But students may be admitted with conditions if they do not have the score at the time of application. Please contact the program director for more information.

Are scanned copies of standardized test scores acceptable?

No, you must submit OFFICIAL copies.

How do I register for classes?

Try this: Registration 101

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