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Whether you’re a first-time freshman, a new transfer student, or a senior getting ready to graduate, your academic advisor is here to help you make the best decisions to ensure that you meet your degree and career goals. Academic Advising is an ongoing process that is intended to help you learn about and use the resources available here at Murray State University so that you have a rewarding experience at Murray State.

How do I contact my Academic Advisor?

  • To find out who your advisor is, go to your MyGate account, click on the Academics tab, and view the Student Info section. Your Primary Academic Advisor is listed here.
  • To contact your advisor, you can search for their information in People Finder. This will show you their email, phone number, and office location. Send them an email or call them to set up an appointment.
  • NOTE: In the summer, some Academic Advisors may not be readily available for advising (study abroad, research, etc.); if you have an immediate advising need and can not reach your advisor, please contact your Department Chair in your degree program for help.

What will my Academic Advisor do?

  • Your Academic Advisor will meet with you before registration to help you plan out courses and share information on academic requirements and policies for your discipline. Leave ample time (at least a week) between your advising session and your registration date! Remember that some advisors have a LOT of advisees. You MUST meet with your advisor before registration so that they can lift your registration hold.
  • Your Academic Advisor is well-versed in your area or major and can provide you with advice on selecting courses to reach your academic goals.
  • Your Academic Advisor will be able to help you to read your RACR degree audit and to make sure that you are fulfilling all needs toward graduation.
  • Your Academic Advisor can help you to find the resources you need. Establish a good relationship with your Academic Advisor and they can help you to get the most out of your experience at Murray State University.
  • Remember: your Academic Advisor advises, but YOU make the decisions! You are responsible for your own academic success.

When do I contact my Academic Advisor?

  • At least one to two weeks before advanced scheduling (registration) begins. For example, in the fall, reach out in mid-October and in the spring reach out in mid-March.
  • When you have questions about areas, majors, minors,or certificates.
  • When you have questions about University policies and procedures, such as withdrawing from a course or lifting a hold.
  • When you are having trouble in your courses.
  • Any other time that you have questions or concerns and aren’t sure where to go. While your advisor is here primarily to help with your academics, advisors know that, in order to succeed academically, you also have to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your advisor can connect you with other offices and resources that can support you holistically.

What does my Advisor expect me to do?

  • ASK QUESTIONS. Your Academic Advisor is here to help, or to direct you to the help you need!
  • Know how and when to contact your advisor. Check posted office hours; know whether they can be reached by phone or e-mail.
  • Make an advising appointment at least one to two weeks before the advanced scheduling (registration) date.
  • Review your RACR (degree audit), determine classes needed in the coming term(s), and create a tentative schedule. See the RACR Tutorials if you have any questions or concerns on reading your RACR. 
  • Be sure that you know the requirements for your degree, area or major/minor, University Studies. (See Catalogs/Bulletins.)  Be sure you keep up with your grades, GPA, and progress toward graduation. (Your RACR shows you all of these!)
  • Know the deadlines and policies for registration, degree requirements, financial aid, scholarships, tuition payment, drop/add, withdrawal, as well as for submitting forms for graduation. (See the Registrar's website for this information.)

What do I do if I need to change my advisor?

  • If you are having trouble with your academic advisor, connect with your department chair or contact for assistance.

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