Student Opportunities

Cybersecurity and Network Management at Murray State goes far beyond the classroom. From extracurricular organizations to national conferences, CNM students have the opportunity to explore the field in a number of ways.  The CNM program partners with the Cyber Education and Research Center manages to organize several resources used to provide students with exposure to the industry, relevant experience, and job opportunities after graduation. 

Internship/Cooperative Education

Course Description

The MSU catalog defines this course as a "meaningful, planned, and evaluated work experience related to the career and educational objectives of the student for which he/she may receive academic credit and possible financial remuneration." This course is currently offered as a 1hr, 2hr or 3hr course during the Summer semester as well as the Fall and Spring semesters. Students should sign up for the class section with hours that fulfill their required 120hrs for a degree. 

Course Requirements

To complete this course, students will need to complete the following:

  • Locate a relevant internship related to CNM where they can work 320 total hours during the semester they are taking CNM 488.

  • The student's advisor will give the final approval for the internship or advise of an alternative, if necessary.

  • Discuss with advisor the number of credit hours needed for CNM 488 toward their degree.

  • Sign up for the CNM 488 section with the necessary credit hours.

  • During the class period, students will submit weekly work logs detailing their work and showing the number of hours worked.

  • The student's field/industry supervisor will evaluate the student's performance during the internship and submit to the course instructor.

Academic Alliance Programs

Murray State is an academic partner with the following companies, which provide training, certification, and hands-on experience for students to give them an edge in the security marketplace:

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Juniper Logo
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Cisco Logo
Red Hat Academy Logo

CNM Cyber Team

The CNM Cyber team is a student organization that is passionate about cybersecurity. They meet regularly to practice for Capture the Flag activities, where they explore the techniques employed by malevolent attackers to exploit software and network vulnerabilities, infiltrating computer networks. The team also focuses on fortifying computer and network systems and developing strategies to shield against intrusions effectively. The CNM Cyber Teams allow students to enrich their learning experiences and gain access to a wide range of cybersecurity competitions. By joining the team, they can actively participate in these competitions, which provide invaluable experiences for their future career development. These competitions offer valuable insights, fostering the growth and skill-building necessary to excel in their professional journey.

Mr. Brandon Dixon is the team advisor. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Mr. Dixon at


Murray State's Esports program provides students with the chance to compete at a collegiate level in a variety of games.  We have a dedicated Esports room for teams to practice and participate in tournaments. Learn more about Esports.

Vendor Partnerships

Murray State works closely with the following vendors who provide regular internship and job opportunities for our students. In addition, these companies provide equipment, guest lecturers and other resources for the students of TSM.

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