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We Are Racers. This is Our Legacy.
Like the Thoroughbreds we are named for, Racers are spirited and proud. We have the heart and will to succeed, to go farther, learn more and embrace wisdom. You can help us carry on this tradition by joining the Alumni Association today.

Your membership donation supports a wide range of activities that advance the mission of Murray State University, including funding the Century Club Alumni Legacy Scholarship and Distinguished Faculty Awards, providing support for Homecoming and other alumni reunions, and providing recognition for our Distinguished Alumni. 

Special Message from Dr. Jackson

Clock Tower with Green Light During these past several weeks, we have made many difficult changes at Murray State University but, rest assured, this will pass and we will be stronger and better for it in the days ahead. We are living in unprecedented times and so many of our Racer families, students, alumni, faculty and staff are experiencing a great deal of transition as we face uncertain new realities. While it may be easy to get feel discouraged by our challenges. I prefer to shine a light on the many positives I have witnessed in recent days that remind me why Murray State University (MSU) is and always will be the “finest place we know.”

With very little notice, our faculty quickly stepped up to the challenge of transitioning face-to-face courses to alternative or online formats, all while balancing the high-quality, high-value, high-impact instruction our students expect with the need to prioritize their health, safety and well-being. University leaders across the academic disciplines worked swiftly and diligently to determine the best way to move forward with a Spring Semester grading system that is student, faculty and advisor-led and will provide the best possible outcome for our students.

Our housing and dining staff efficiently assisted 2,300 students as they moved from campus housing to their remote learning environments in just a matter of days, with an overwhelmingly positive response from parents and families. Members of our staff from nearly every division of the University are now working from home and displaying tremendous creativity and flexibility in an effort to do what is best for our community. Their commitment to this institution has been unparalleled.

Our students, who we know are going through tremendous change, are taking on the challenge of facing uncertainty and hyper-focusing on their goals and dreams with the same level of spirit and pride that we would expect of a Racer. And, I continue to see and hear about acts of kindness throughout the Murray State family all over the country that give me continued pride as an alumnus of this institution.

Even though major campus events, such as the popular MSU Alumni Association Egg Hunt, All Campus Sing, the Distinguished Alumni Banquet and Commencement have been cancelled or postponed and opportunities to be together in the coming weeks will be few, Murray State remains vigilant in ensuring that the health and safety of our students and the top-notch educational experience they receive is still our number one priority.

Finally, Karen (’84) and I walked on this campus over 30 years ago due to the world-class faculty, caring staff and unparalleled educational opportunities. These qualities and attributes are still here today. This is what makes us special and is what sets us apart from other institutions. The bottom line, we care.

We have been here for nearly 100 years and we have seen many challenging circumstances. We will persevere through this one, as well. We are strong. We are resilient. We are Racers.


Dr. Bob Jackson, ‘85

Alumni Resources

Check out these great resources while you are practicing social distancing! 

Dunker Coloring Sheet

Postponed Distinguished Alumni Dinner

The Office of Alumni Relations has made the decision to cancel the annual MSUAA Egg Hunt scheduled for April 7 and postpone the Distinguished Alumni Dinner and Banquet slated for Friday, April 17, based on state and federal recommendations to avoid any gathering or public event that would include 10 or more people in attendance. While the university will remain open during this time, some buildings will be closed to the public and many individuals will be working remotely following the University's spring break. Please visit healthupdate for the latest information on COVID-19 and Murray State's response to it. A new date and time for the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Dinner is TBD.

Murray State Night at the Memphis Grizzlies Game a success!

 More than 1,000 Racers celebrated in Memphis on January 17 on Murray State night at the Memphis Grizzlies game!  Fans had the opportunity to watch the Grizzlies during the pregame warm-ups in the lower bowl of the FedEx Forum and also gathered beforehand at the Jerry Lee Lewis Honky Tonk Café for food and drinks.

President Jackson at Memphis Grizzlies Event

Racer fans at the Grizzlies game

Alumni at pre-game gathering in Memphis

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Our History

The Murray State Normal and Teachers College Alumni Association was organized June 1, 1926 during a meeting in Wells Hall immediately following the commencement of the first graduating class of 16 in the Little Chapel. Since that first graduation ceremony well over 75,000 students have earned degrees from this institution.

The Association was established to provide an opportunity for graduates, former students, faculty, staff, and members of the governing board of the institution to coordinate their efforts on behalf of Murray State. To that end, scholarships have been awarded by the Alumni Association since 1941.

The Murray State University Alumni Association is a dues-based membership organization that supports integral programming designed to advance the mission of the University and creating meaningful connections among alumni.


Our Mission: The Murray State University Alumni Association connects, celebrates, and engages alumni and friends of Murray State through communication, activities and events to foster lifelong relationships that support the mission and strategic plan of the university.

Our Vision: The Murray State University Alumni Association will be recognized internationally for excellence in alumni engagement through communication, activities and events and for collaborating with other university units to produce more effective student recruitment, donor solicitation and stewardship, and legislative advocacy.

Adopted by the MSUAA Board of Governors, April 2015

Board of Governors

Members of the first graduating class of Murray State Normal School and Teachers College in June 1926 gathered after commencement to form the Alumni Association. Since then the Alumni Association's growth has been guided by the appointed Executive Board President.

Organized to coordinate the efforts of alumni on behalf of Murray State University, the Alumni Association serves as a liaison between the University and its alumni constituency and enables graduates to maintain a close bond with their alma mater. The Association promotes the general interests of Murray State by affording alumni opportunities to work together to engage fellow alumni and advance the mission of their alma mater.

Alumni Board of GovenorsExecutive Committee

Taylor Cline, '97
Iain Howard, '06
Tab Brockman, '81
Jonathan White, '71 '74


Board of Governors

  • Brian Edwards, '06
  • Scott Grant, '07 '09
  • Sandra Wilson, '80
  • Cameron Gish, '11
  • Kip Roberts II, '00
  • Allison Beck, '92
  • Amber DuVentre, '06 '09
  • Jeremy McKeel, '98 '02
  • Bret Cude, '81
  • Darren Jones, '94
  • Ralph Barnwell, '73
  • David Moss, '01 '10
  • David Russell, '94 '96
  • Daffney Moore, '97
  • Gayle Rogers, '10 '15

Past Murray State Alumni Association Presidents

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Iain Howard '06, Owensboro, KY


Jerry Penner III '83, Murray, KY

2016 – 2017

Elizabeth Bailey-Smith  `90  `92, Marion, IL

2015 – 2016

Shawn Reynolds ’97, Almo, KY

2014 – 2015

David Moss ’01 ’10, Madisonville, KY

2013 – 2014

Jason Pittman ’03, Murray, KY

2012 – 2013

Dave Washburn ’95 ’96, Benton, KY

2011 – 2012

Karen Cocke Owen ’83, Calvert City, KY


Sonny Smith '78, Paducah, KY

2009 – 2010 

Bob Upton ’77, Franklin, TN

2008 – 2009

Jane Freeman Wells ’60, Eddyville, KY

2007 – 2008

Phillip Van Hooser ’79, Princeton, KY

2006 – 2007

Sharon McDonald Green ’80, Mayfield, KY

2005 – 2006 

  Alan Stout ’78, Prospect, KY

2004 – 2005

Darvin Towery ’82 ’91, Mayfield, KY

2003 – 2004

Christopher McNeill ’88 ’89, Paducah, KY  

2002 – 2003

Martha Cunningham Lewis ’60 ’69,  Benton, KY

 2001 – 2002

 Percy Belt ’73, Hopkinsville, KY

 2000 – 2001

 Tom Maddox Jr. ’65, Owensboro, KY

 1999 – 2000 

 Brian Roy ’95, Benton. KY  

 1998 – 1999

Bob Freeman ’58, Hopkinsville, KY   

 1997 – 1998

Ann J. Smith ’59 ’62, Mayfield, KY 

 1996 – 1997

 Bob Jackson ’85, Murray, KY

 1995 – 1996

 Roger Perry ’71, Benton. KY

 1994 – 1995

 Harold Doran Jr. ’75, Murray, KY

 1993 – 1994

Dennis Jackson ’66, Paducah, KY 

 1992 – 1993 

William "Mack" Bushart '80, Winchester, KY

1991 – 1992  

Steve Story ’69, Murray, KY

1990 – 1991

Jeff Green ’76, Mayfield, KY   

1989 – 1990

Bill O’Brien ’62, Paducah, KY   

 1988 – 1989

 Ben Hogancamp ’68, Paducah, KY

 1987 – 1988

 Fred Schultz Jr. ’46, Louisville, KY

 1986 – 1987

 Bill Kopperud ’64, Murray, KY

1985 – 1986 

George E. Long II ’68, Benton, KY

1984 – 1985

Rex A. Thompson ’58, Lexington, KY    

1983 – 1984

 Dan Shipley ’54, Murray, KY

1982 – 1983

James E. “Buck” Hurley ’39, Benton, KY   

1981 – 1982

William Ben Humphreys ’50, Murray, KY   

1980 – 1981 

Bill Morgan ’50, Benton, KY

1979 – 1980

Michael S. Peek ’70, Nashville, TN   

1978 – 1979 

Sid Easley ’62, Murray, KY

1977 – 1978   

Pat M. McCuiston `39, Kirksey, KY  

1976 – 1977

Richard H. Lewis ’60,  Benton, KY

1975 – 1976

James H. Johnson ’41, Owensboro, KY   

1974 – 1975 

Edwin O. Norris ’50, Kingsport, TN

1973 – 1974

William A. Logan ’56, Madisonville, KY  

1972 – 1973     

Martha Robertson Ellison ’45, Louisville, KY

 1971 –1972

 Forrest C. Pogue ’31, Murray, KY

 1970 – 1971

 Richard L. Petty ’60, Gainesville, GA

 1969 – 1970

Barkley Jones ’49, Parkville, MD

1967 – 1968

J. William Carneal ’40, Owensboro, KY

1966 – 1967

Angie Basenback Chambers ’59, Charlotte, NC

1965 – 1966

J. C. Maddox ’30, Jackson, TN

1964 – 1965

Joe O. Brown ’41, Bardstown, KY  

1963 – 1964    

Wilson Gantt ’41, Murray, KY

1962 – 1963

Howard V. Reid ’35, Symsonia, KY

1961 – 1962  

 J. D. Rayburn ’35, Murray, KY

1960 – 1961   

Charles J. Baugh ’38, Hickory, KY

1959 – 1960  

Pat Gingles ’42, Nashville, TN

 1958 – 1959  

  W. Roy McDonald ’34, Cadiz, KY

 1957 – 1958

 J. Clifton Thurman ’29, Nashville, TN

 1956 – 1957

 Eltis Henson ’33, Galesburg, IL

 1955 – 1956

James Phillips ’36, Clinton, KY

1954 – 1955 

  Dalton Woodall ’37, Paducah, KY

1952 – 1954

Rayburn Watkins ’43 Delray Beach. FL

1950 – 1952

William Ray Mofield ’43,  Benton, KY

 1949 – 1950  

   Guy Billington ’33, Murray, KY

1947 – 1949  

Hal Houston ’30 

 1946 – 1947

 W. Z. Carter ’29 

 1945 – 1946

Holland Rose ’32, Benton, KY

 1944 – 1945

 Evelyn Linn Allbritten ’26, Murray, KY 

 1942 – 1944    

 Dentis McDaniel ’31, Clinton, KY


1939 – 1942 

  Adron Doran ’32, Lexington, KY

1938 – 1939

Robert Everett ’36

1937 – 1938

Preston Holland ’28, Murray, KY

1936 – 1937

Matt Sparkman ’28, Murray, KY

1935 – 1936

Waylon Rayburn ’30, Murray, KY

1933 – 1935     

Carmon Graham ’27

1932 – 1933

Waylon Rayburn ’30, Murray, KY

1931 – 1932  

   Max B. Hurt ’27, Kirksey, KY

1930 – 1931  

   S. Jack Gardner ’27, Clarksville, IN

1929 – 1930    

W. B. Moser ’26,  Murray, KY

1928 – 1929    

W.  J. Gibson ’27

1927 – 1928  

  Carmon Graham ’27

1926 – 1927   

Emma J. Helm '26, Mayfield, KY

Top 10 Reasons to Join

10 – Continue the Tradition
Membership supports Homecoming, reunion activities on campus and around the world, athletic watch parties and other traditions that make Murray State University unique.  

9 – Racer Recruitment
Want to help support the next generation of Racers? The MSUAA assists the Office of Recruitment with recruiting events and senior send-offs around the country.

Chris Thile8 – Pay it Forward
Your Alumni Association provides opportunities to support student scholarships and mentor young alumni.

Murray State University Alumnus Chris Thile returned to campus in the fall of 2016 to perform a benefit concert to fund music scholarships and meet with students in the Music department.


7 – Exclusive Access and Benefits
Your membership entitles you to early registration for alumni trips, pre-sale access to concerts and special events, as well as discounts on athletic tickets and Murray State gear. Check out a complete list of benefits here.

6 – Alumni Awards
Each year, the Alumni Association honors select alumni for their outstanding achievements and contributions to their alma mater with Distinguished Alumni and Golden Horseshoe awards.

Susan Eddington5 – Faculty Recognition
Each year the Alumni Association recognizes distinguished faculty members. The Distinguished Professor serves as the mace bearer for Commencement.

4 – Discounts and Rewards
As an extra perk of membership, you’ll save at local and national retailers, in addition to receiving discounts, you'll receive exclusive alumni access to insurance benefits through association partnerships with Nationwide and USI Affinity.

3 – Stay Informed
Whether you live in Murray, across the country, or around the globe, your Alumni Association keeps you informed about outstanding students, alumni and faculty; upcoming events; and campus news through a monthly e-newsletter.

2 – Student Support
The Century Club Alumni Legacy Scholarship, created and supported by the Alumni Association, provides scholarships for the children and grandchildren of alumni.

1 – Racer Pride
Membership in the MSUAA is the No. 1 way to show your Racer pride! Once a Racer, always a Racer.

Planning a campus visit?

Visitor and guest parking permits are free. Visitor parking permits can be requested at murraystate.nupark. com/portal. If you have any questions please contact the Parking Office at 270.809.4812 or via email at