Computer Science and Information Systems

Interested in a career involving creating software; managing data; or deploying, managing and securing information systems in organizations? Please explore our programs below:

  • Do you like working with software and computers?
  • Are you passionate about developing software applications that can help people improve their lives?
  • Do you see yourself as an IT Consultant or an IT Manager helping organizations  improve their performance?
  • Do you have an idea for a website, video game, or mobile app?
  • Are you considering a career in Computer Security?
  • Do you want to help organizations discover new knowledge through data mining and machine learning?
  • Are you are thinking about starting your own technology company?

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) is the right place for realizing your dreams and aspirations in computing!

CSIS Programs (all STEM programs)

The CSIS Department offers several undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Telecommunications Management for those who are interested in a career of a Software Developer, Web Developer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst,  IT Consultant,  IT Manager, Project Manager, Computer Security Professional,  Database Administrator, Data Scientist, and many others. 


Graduate (in-person and online)


Accrediting body; AACSB - International The Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University, where CSIS Department is hosted,  is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, also known as AACSB International. Less then 5% of business schools around the globe have this distinction bestowed upon them. Both the CIS and MSIS programs are AACSB accredited. This means that your educational credentials will be recognized by  the most prestigious universities and employers around the world. 

The CIS and MSIS programs are part of this accreditation, specifically .


Our world-class Faculty have years or even decades of experience in both academia and industry. They are also nationally recognized for their research in a wide variety of areas of computing, such as Computer Science Education, Gender Issues in Computing,  Decision Support Technologies, Computer Security, Knowledge Management, Strategic Information Systems Management, Innovation, Robotics, etc.  Almost all full-time faculty at the CSIS department have a doctoral degree in their discipline. Most importantly, all of our faculty and staff and dedicated to student success!

Our Approach to Teaching

The learning environment and curricula are structured to give students the theoretical background and practical experience necessary to successfully pursue a variety of technical and professional careers in various sub-fields of computing. Students work with advisors who help plan their curriculum, recommend options for electives, guide them in making sound career choices and assist in obtaining internships or even jobs.

Learning Resources

Micrsoft Academic Alliance SAP University Alliance Teradata University Alliance

Students have access to modern, well-equipped computer laboratories with an extensive collection of state-of-the-art software from Microsoft and SAP as well as the open source world. We partner with bigger institutions like the University Of Arkansas Walton College to access large datasets and powerful hardware and software from leaders  like IBM (Z, DB/2), Microsoft (SQL Server, Data Tools), SAP (HANA), and Teradata (Enterprise Data Warehousing)

Besides corporate resources and  labs, the department also has strong ties with industry leaders - many of whom are alumni - who come down from around the country for an annual meeting to review our academic offerings and suggest ways to improve our curriculum. In addition to this support, they also have funded several awards that are handed out each Spring.

Our Alumni

Our alumni have nothing but praise for the type of education they received in the CSIS department; they often note small classes, great facilities, plenty of learning opportunities, new friends, and a well-rounded education overall. Our graduates have found great success in a wide range of careers, such as Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Information Security Engineer, Database Administrator, Project Manager, Consultant, Chief Information Officer, Network Architects, Voice over IP (VoIP) Architects,  etc. Our graduates also have found success in small, medium, and large organizations across many industries, including the non-profit sector.  Some of our graduates are accomplished Technology Entrepreneurs. 

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