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Your child is all grown up and going to college. As they enter a new milestone in life, you’re likely feeling a whirlwind of emotions and coming up with what-seems-like-a-million questions. Allow us to provide some answers that will help put your mind at ease.

Visiting campus

What do I need to know about visiting campus?

We’ve got you covered. View all the details regarding your visit.


Is campus safe?

Murray State Police Department is staffed 24/7 to keep our campus community secure around the clock. Our officers have students’ best interests in mind, and many students know these friendly officers by name.

Also, you and your student can download the free LiveSafe mobile app to help make sure they’re safe, everywhere they go.

In the event of an emergency, we will deploy campus notifications to alert students. You, too, can sign up for emergency alerts. Learn more emergency procedures on campus.

Money Matters

How much will it cost for my child to attend Murray State University?

The Bursar's Office has everything you need to know regarding tuition, billing and more. Plus, financial aid and scholarships are available to help finance your child’s college experience.

Where can my student find financial resources?

Murray State’s F.R.E.E. financial literacy program provides access to a variety of resources — including budget worksheets, credit card tips, a student loan repayment estimator and more — to help students understand and take charge of their finances.

Visit the Financial Health and Wellness page and access iGrad for more great financial resources, tools, and information.

Student concerns

What should I do if my child is struggling or just needs a little help?

We encourage you to contact Student Engagement and Success  at 270.809.6831 or with issues regarding your son or daughter, including:

  • campus involvement
  • family obligations
  • financial concerns
  • homesickness
  • major/career direction
  • roommate issues
  • study habits/tips
  • time management

In the meantime, your student can look to the head of their residential college or their academic advisor for support, or they can talk to a licensed mental health professional at counseling services, which is a free service for our students. 

Getting settled

My son or daughter is homesick and/or having trouble adjusting. What should they do?

The Center for Student Engagement and Success is available if you or your child needs help with the transition to college life. Plus, Murray State offers a variety of resources to help students feel at home. 

Diverse students

My child is part of an underrepresented community. Where can they find support?

Murray State strives to create a campus that is inclusive of everyone. If your child is part of an underrepresented community, they are not alone. We offer the following resources to help them feel comfortable and find support:

Transfer students

My child is transferring or has transferred to Murray State from another college or university. Where can they find the resources they need?

Look to the Transfer Center for assistance with anything involving the transfer process. 

Career guidance

My student is looking for career experience. Where should they go?

Murray State’s EDGE office helps give your student an advantage in their chosen field. Look to them for experiential learning opportunities like internships and co-ops that will set your student apart when they enter the workforce.

 For career assistance — including major/career exploration, job research tips and information on career fairs — count on Career Services to point your student in the right direction. 

 Also, consider on-campus employment opportunities in which your student can learn a variety of skills.

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