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Murray State University Wellness Resources

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Wayne Corporation
    • The EAP is a voluntary, confidential program that provides professional help to employees and their household members who may need assistance to discuss and find solutions for issues such as: Emotional challenges, stress and anxiety, relationship concerns, drug/alcohol problems, legal matter and financial management.
    • EAP information on HR website
    • To contact the EAP you can visit their website or call 1.800.441.1EAP (1327)
    • EAP Website
  • Express Scripts / Omada
    • If you meet certain criteria you may be eligible for diabetes resources through Express Scripts and Omada.
    • You may receive communication via mail or email about this program and can respond from those or you can call 1.866.518.9737 to receive more information. 
    • This is  a free program to Murray State employees who are enrolled in our health insurance plan.
    • You’ll get secure, 24/7 access to
      • An Omada health coach to keep you on track
      • A wireless smart scale to monitor progress (and keep for good)
      • A personalized dashboard to guide your journey
      • An online community personalized to your interests
  • Hinge Health
    • Hinge Health gives you the tools and support needed to manage back and joint pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery and stay healthy and pain free. Their programs are available to you and your eligible dependents, age 18 or older, that are enrolled in the Murray State health plan at no cost. Plus, you can complete your customized care plan in the convenience of your own home. 
    • Hinge Health website
    • Hinge Health participation will count towards the Wellness Pledge beginning with Phase 2 (June 1, 2023). More details to come!
  • Know Your Rx
    • Know Your Rx Pharmacy Coalition provides personalized support to make the most of your prescription benefit. The coalition consists of a team of pharmacists that work hand in hand with Express Scripts to provide prescription support. The following services are available at no expense to you: Cost savings strategies, prescription delivery, drug and food interactions, side effects and more.
    • For questions or more information call Know Your Rx at 855.218.5979. Hours are  Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (EST).
  • Sharecare (Healthy Lifestyles)
    • Sharecare is the wellness portal that is available to all health plan members. Murray State employees can utilize the website or app to take advantage of the many programs it offers.
      • Real Age Test
      • Quarterly challenges
      • Health coaching
      • Educational resources
      • Health information tracking
      • Opportunity for gift cards and earn points to redeem wellness merchandise 
    • Sharecare website

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