COEHS Student Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program

The College of Education and Human Services Student Ambassadors assist with recruitment, retention, school visits and other activities on campus.

Through involvement in the ambassador program, participants have the opportunity to meet with prospective students and various guests visiting the College. The ambassadors assist with the freshman transition (EDU 099) course, participate in welcome activities for freshmen and transfer students and provide tours of the campus and the College. These participants also offer mentoring services. There are many events at which the ambassadors represent the College of Education and Human Services throughout the year.

2021-22 Student Ambassadors

2021-2022 COEHS Student Ambassadors

  • Adison Cash
  • Alyah Hammock
  • Brooklyn Woolsey
  • Karlie Wentworth
  • Lauren Kelly
  • Marisa Belew
  • Megan Hasty
  • Reagan Johnson
  • Rylei Roy
  • Trinity Edwards
  • Courtney Rager
  • Josie Rideout
  • Kayla Wendler
  • Keilee Webb
  • Ryan Schmitz

Become a COEHS Student Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming a COEHS Student Ambassador, please contact Tressa Ross at


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