Teaching and Learning Pathway

The Kentucky Department of Education Teaching and Learning Career Pathway focuses on the general theory and practice of learning and teaching,  basic principles of educational psychology, art of teaching, planning and administration, school safety and health issues, and the social foundations of education.  Murray State College of Education and Human Service offers two dual credit courses that align with the pathway.

Partnership Benefits

  • Collaboration with Kentucky Department of Education
  • Affiliated with state and national Educators Rising organization
  • Participate in Regional Educators Rising Conference
  • 6 hours of dual credit through Racer Academy
  • Instructor orientation and assistance
  • Curriculum support materials provided

Partnership Requirements

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Teacher Credential Requirements

  • 5 years teaching experience
  • Rank 2 with Master's degree
  • Appropriate Kentucky certification (consult current Kentucky uniform course codes for valid certification areas)

Racer Academy Requirements

  • Junior or Senior
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or rank in the top half of class

Visit the Racer Academy site for additional information.  





Ashley Bourke
Teaching and Learning Pathway & Praxis Coordinator
Teacher Quality Institute
307 Alexander Hall
Murray, KY 42071