Nontraditional Instruction (NtI) Resources

We have all found ourselves in uncharted waters due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have had to find a new "normal" for the time being. Teachers have found a new way to teach, and each district has worked tirelessly to find ways to support students academically, emotionally, and even physically.

We are sure that teachers have been overwhelmed with resources, advice, and new teaching methods. TQI has been working to help lighten the load. We have searched hundreds of websites and are sharing lists of NtI resources we have discovered to be most helpful.

  • Amazing Educational Resources
    This website is one of the most thorough sites we have found. The site is set up in a way that you can scroll through and find the grade level and subject you need, links, and a offers great descriptions.
  • Distance Learning Resources
    This website was complied by West Kentucky Gear Up. It focuses on video software, learning platforms, assessments, video interactions, STEM lesson plans, student presentations, ACT resources, content resources and much more.
  • Favorite NtI Learning Resources
    The sites in this document are currently being used by middle and high school teachers in our area. It is divided by subject matter.
  • NtI Resources
    The TQI staff compiled a list of resources that we use regularly. Many of these are blogs, Facebook pages, and good resources for distance learning.

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