Professional Development School

The mission of the Murray State University Professional Development School model is to create a strong collaborative program between district and University faculty committed to developing exemplary teacher and improving p-12 learning. Teacher Quality Institute implemented this program 

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2022-2023 Participants

Calloway County High School

Principal: Steve Smith

School-Based Educators: Kathryn Walls

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Madison Buchannan 

Calloway County Middle School

Principal: Jodi Butler

School-Based Educators: Kristine Provine

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Grace Floerke

North Calloway Elementary

Principal: Melinda Hendley

School-Based Educators: Kaysin Higgins/Melissa Bouland & Holly Randolph/Chrystie Chapman

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Meghan Stanfield & Dana (Elizabeth) Classen 

Southwest Calloway Elementary

Principal: Mark Mallory

School-Based Educators: Kayla Luker & Kellye Steele

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Madison Buchannan

Christian County Middle School

Principal: Kristen Lindsey

School-Based Educators: Amanda Huff/Mary Ryan Griffith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Hannah Davidson 

Millbrooke Elementary School

Principal: Renikka Owen

School-Based Educators: Bethany Hines/Erica Kington

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Emma Sunderhaus 

Farmington Elementary

Principal: Melissa Paul

School-Based Educator: Diane Wiggins/Samantha Baldwin

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Jenny Mays

Dorothy and Noble Harrelson

Principal: Lisa Wyatt

School-Based Educators: Melissa Chambers/Holly Thompson

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Makayla Watson

Hanson Elementary

Principal: Matt Beshear

School-Based Educator: Jennie Knight/Ronna Blackford

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Sophe Coyer

Marshall County High School

Principal: Robin McCoy

School-Based Educators: Amy Lepore

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Kimberley (Alyssa) Greer

North Marshall Middle School

Principal: Aimee Lepisto

School-Based Educators: Jessica Phillips/Elizabeth Smith

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Russel (Taylor) Edwards

South Marshall Middle School

Principal: Kevin Jackson

School-Based Educators: Kenita Sutherland/Amanda Bishop

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Jenna Massey

Mayfield Middle School

Principal: Antonio Sherrill

School-Based Educator: Jessica Robinson/Brittney Clere

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Sarah Englert

Hendron-Lone Oak Elementary 

Principal: Jon Reid

School-Based Educators: Pam Hammons & Joy Beth McGough

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah Barger & Allie Vernelson 

Lone Oak Intermediate

Principal: Marc Mavigliano

School-Based Educators: Susanna Perriello & Laura Smith

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah Barger & Allie Vernelson 

Lone Oak Middle School

Principal: Coye Elliott

School-Based Educators: Lauren Pace/Trey Carvell 

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Danielle (Dani) Hanrahan 

Reidland Elementary

Principal: Anne Cox

School-Based Educators: Shari Darnell

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah Keith 

Reidland Intermediate School

Principal: Shaun Thomas

School-Based Educators: Kelly Russell

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah Keith 

Murray Elementary

Principal: Denise Whitaker

School-Based Educators: Geneva Karanja 

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Audrey Levinson 

Murray Middle School

Principal: Bob Horne

School-Based Educators: Molly Higgins/Callie Adams

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Jarrod Darnall 

Murray High School

Principal: Tony Jarvis

School-Based Educators: Crystal Riley

Murray State Teacher Candidates: Audrey Levinson

Clark Elementary School

Principal: Nick Dietrich

School-Based Educator: Elizabeth Leneave/ Kate Lambert

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Madelynn (Maddie) Harper 

Paducah Middle School

Principal: Geco Ross

School-Based Educator: Kelsey Bennet/Triska Thompson

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Madison Caylor


Inman Middle School

Principal: Jason Scarbrough

School-Based Educator: Shanna Watkins

Murray State Teacher Candidate: Audrey Sinclair




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