Professional Development School

The mission of the Murray State University Professional Development School model is to create a strong collaborative program between district and University faculty committed to developing exemplary teacher and improving p-12 learning. Teacher Quality Institute implemented this program 

Download the Professional Development School Information Booklet and Professional Development Handbook.

PDS Program 2021-22 Informational Google Site

2020-2021 Participants

Caldwell County Elementary

Principal: Melissa Thomas
School-Based Educator: Jordyn Bryant
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Karlee Tarnowski

Caldwell County Primary

Principal: Bean
School-Based Mentor: Sara Kukahiko
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Karlee Tarnowski

Calloway Middle School

Principal: Amy Turner
School-Based Educators: Rhonda Ringstaff, Kristine Provine
Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hunter Parker, Beth Birkner

Southwest Calloway Elementary

Principal: Mark Mallory
School-Based Educators: Sheila Grogan, Mindy Weatherford
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Hunter Parker

Sinking Fork Elementary

Principal: Leslie Lancaster
School-Based Educators: Kara Stevenson, Jana Crabtree
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Taneisha Dubose

Graves Central Elementary

Principal: Stephanie Queen
School-Based Educators: Amy Norman, Jessica Lathrop
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Sarah Armstrong

Graves County Middle School

Principal: Jonathan Miller
School-Based Educator: Lucas Englert
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Jenna Elliot

Graves County High School

Principal: Alison Gregory
School-Based Educators: Richard Burchett, Marci Crouch
Murray State Teacher Candidates: Raegan Boren, Kaitlyn Clary

Sedalia Elementary

Principal: Robert Braden
School-Based Educator: Stephanie Wheeler
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Raegan Boren

Hickman County Middle School

Principal: Shane Bizzle
School-Based Educator: Allison Kelly
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Jenna Elliot

James Madison Middle School

Principal: Matt Melton
School-Based Educators: Elizabeth Bailey, Len Young
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Melissa Johnson

Benton Elementary

Principal: Lorrie Shadowen
School-Based Educator: Brittany Ramage
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Hannah McClelland

North Marshall Middle School

Principal: Aimee Lepisto
School-Based Educators: Jenny Clendenen, Miriam Gibson
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Dakota Ray

South Marshall Elementary

Principal: Jennifer Harris
School-Based Educators: Amanda Bishop, Jackie Curtis, Jenny English
Murray State Teacher Candidates: Hannah McClelland, Raegan Stone

South Marshall Middle School

Principal: Shannon Solomon
School-Based Educators: Brad Darnall, Ashley Darnell
Murray State Teacher Candidates: Austin Martin, Raegan Stone

Heath Elementary

Principal: Laine Cooper
School-Based Educators: McLane Crane. Stephanie Laird, Brittany Keene, Erin Murphy
Murray State Teacher Candidates: Emma Joyce, Adia Mudd

Paducah Middle School

Principal: Allene Houston-Jones
School-Based Educator: Triska Powell
Murray State Teacher Candidate: Thad Buchanan

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