Alternative Teaching Certification

Option 6 - Alternative Route to Teacher Certification

Murray State University's College of Education and Human Services provides an alternative route to Kentucky teacher certification through the Education Professional Standards Board. The goal of the Murray State University Program is to ensure that every community will have a talented and dedicated teacher in every classroom.

The Alternative Route to Teacher Certification is structured under Option VI of the alternatives routes approved by the Education Professional Standards Board and the 2000 session of Kentucky's General Assembly. The Alternative Route Program allows an individual to complete the educational program at Murray State University with concurrent employment in a school district. The candidate must complete all requirements within three years and pass all required assessments.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a bachelor's degree in a certifiable area or comparable coursework in a certifiable area.

  • 2.75 GPA (or 3.0 on the last 30 hours)

  • On June 21, 2021, the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) waived the current admission testing requirements in 16 KAR 5:020 for candidates enrolling in initial graduate educator preparation programs. Graduate initial certification candidates are not required to take the CASE or the GRE.


For more information on Option 6 Alternative Route to Certification, or to begin the eligibility process, contact Ashley Bourke at or 270.809.5620

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