Mission, Philosophy and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Murray State University Counseling Program is to promote and advocate for mental health through the preparation of theoretically grounded, clinically skilled and culturally competent counselors. By applying these principles, graduates of our program will have a strong professional identity and be prepared for careers as professional counselors in school and/or mental health settings in western Kentucky and other regions.

Program Philosophy

The general philosophy of the counseling program at Murray State University is based upon the following beliefs:

  1. People have the ability to change.
  2. The counseling relationship is instrumental to empower clients to change.
  3. All individuals should be treated with respect, dignity, and worth.
  4. Through counseling, clients can gain personal awareness.
  5. Counselors should base their professional practice within the framework of a conceptualized theoretical perspective.
  6. Counselors recognize the significance of clients' environments and cultures in the counseling process.

Program Objective

  • To advocate and enhance the professional role of counselors in schools and clinical mental health settings.         
  • To exemplify strong professional identity as counselor educators in the mental health field through continued professional growth and research.
  •  To prepare competent professional counselors to work in schools and various mental health settings.
  •  To prepare competent professional counselors to have strong professional identities in the field of mental health counseling.
  •  To prepare competent professional counselors to advocate for the profession and demonstrate leadership in the field of mental health counseling.
  •  To prepare competent professional counselors to work with diverse clientele.
  •  To prepare ethical professional counselors who are grounded in ethical principles and trained in ethical decision-making models.

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