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Welcome to the Practicum/Internship page. We are excited that you have come to a point in your training program in which you are looking to complete your practicum or internship. Below you will find links to information that are important for completion of your practicum and internship. The procedures for practicum/ internship are outlined in these documents and it is your responsibility to know and understand each of these documents. The official Counseling Program Practicum and Internship Manual is now located online (below). This manual is updated each semester. We suggest that current students print a copy of the manual as it contains valuable information and forms which will be used throughout the course of their program.

New to Practicum and Internship

Beginning Spring 2013 all practicum and internship sites are required to have a memorandum of agreement on file with the counseling program. Therefore, when you are looking at a site please inform me so that I can visit the site and ensure that it is an appropriate placement for practicum/internship. You will need to provide me with the name of the individual willing to be your supervisor and I will contact him/her. I will complete the memorandum of agreement with the site, if one is not already in place, and you will be required to get the rest of the paperwork completed including the Field Setting Information and Field Setting Approval form. These two forms will be given to your practicum/internship faculty supervisor the last week of practicum/internship at the end of the semester, for internship the following semester. Please see the practicum/internship manual for further information. You will not be allowed to complete any clinical hours if there is not a memorandum of agreement on file with the program. By completing these forms at the end of this semester you are allowing me adequate time to get the memorandum of agreement completed so that you can start your practicum/internship promptly when classes start, thus allowing you to have ample opportunity to complete your clinical hours. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the internship/practicum procedures.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns related to your clinical experience.

Dr. Samir Patel Ph.D., LPCC-S (KY), LMHC (FL)
Practicum/Internship Coordinator
3227 Alexander Hall
Murray, KY 42071
Phone 270-809-6123
Fax 270-809-3799

Practicum and Internship Forms

2021-2022 Practicum-Internship Manual

Field Setting Information FormField Setting Approval Form ‖ Verification of Group Hours

Practicum Application Confidentiality Forms Liability Insurance

Murray State Counseling Program Prac-Intern LogSupervisor Evaluation of Supervisee

Supervisee Evaluation of Field Placement SiteSupervisee Evaluation of Field Supervisor

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