HDL Admission Process and Requirements

HDL Application Process

  1. Apply for admission to Murray State University at Graduate Admissions
  2. Submit the departmental HDL letter of application by email to msu.hdladmissions@murraystate.edu or mail to:
    HDL Admissions
    3201 Alexander Hall
    Murray State University
    Murray, KY 42071

Application Deadlines

Applications for the HDL program are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. It is recommended that prospective students submit application materials early to allow time for application review, and if admitted, registration for courses. Suggested dates for the submission of application materials is as follows:

  • March 15th: Summer/Fall Semester Start
  • October 15th: Spring Semester Start

Human Development & Leadership Letter of Application

Requirements to change your major to HDL

  1. Contact the graduate admission office and submit a change of program form
  2. Submit a letter of application to msu.hdladmissions@murraystate.edu and include the following information in essay format:
    1. Reasons for changing your major to HDL
    2. Discuss your career goals and how the HDL master's program will help you achieve career/life goals
    3. Reasons why you think you will be successful in the HDL graduate program of study

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