Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership

The HDL program consists of 33-credit hours, with a 21-hour HDL Core and a 12-hour Concentration. The HDL Core is the same for all students, and students can choose a Concentration in an established area, developed an individualized course of study, or choose to complete a Murray State University Graduate Certificate. 

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Possible Concentration Areas:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Leadership Development
  • Nonprofit Leadership Studies
  • Public Administration
  • Individualized
  • Graduate Certificate

Human Development and Leadership Certificate

This 12-hour graduate certificate will help build essential leadership skills for individuals working in administration, development, and other organizational areas. Individuals working through the HDL Certificate will engage in courses focusing on intra- and interpersonal development, utilization of assessments for maximizing human potential, working with diverse individuals and cultures, and understanding the process of working with teams. 

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Dual Master's in Human Development and Leadership and Nonprofit Leadership Studies

The dual master's degrees in Nonprofit Leadership Studies (NLS) and Human Development and Leadership (HDL) at Murray State University enable students to take a five-semester or six-semester sequence of courses leading to two degrees — a master’s degree in NLS and a master’s degree in HDL. Students are required to comply with the specific policies set up by the dual master’s degree in which they have been admitted.

Admission and Academic Standards

Application and Admission

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education and must declare at the time of application the intention to pursue a dual degree in NLS/HDL. The normal criteria for admission to each program apply. Students may be conditionally accepted in one or both programs of the dual degree, per individual programs’ policies. Conditionally admitted students will have to adhere to the policies set in place by the program(s) that granted the conditional admission. If a student only meets the admission criteria of one program, the applicant must apply separately to that single degree program and is then required to meet the graduation requirements of that program.

Academic Standing

Grade point averages (GPA) in the two programs are computed separately. To continue with the dual NLS/HDL degrees, students must meet the academic standards in each program. Students failing in one program but meeting academic standards in the other may reapply for admission to the degree program in which the student is able to meet the academic standards and may transfer in completed course work that is applicable to that program.

Course Progression

Students are required to work consistently toward both degrees. Students will be assigned one advisor from each program to support students’ successful course progression, and students are expected to meet with each advisor at least once each semester to ensure both programs are being completed in a timely manner.

Graduation Criteria

Students in the NLS/HDL program meet graduation criteria of each program. The final capstone course will fulfill the comprehensive examinations requirement of both programs. The degrees in NLS and HDL must be awarded at the same time.

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