Major in History with Social Studies Certification

Major in History and Social Studies Certification

Murray State’s History Department offers students the opportunity to earn either a Bachelor’s of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science in History with Social Studies Certification for the secondary classroom (8-12).  As members of the History Department, students will take courses in history, the social sciences, and education. The program includes multiple clinical experiences with regional public schools, culminating in a final semester of student teaching.  

Statement on Social Studies Certification at Murray State

Murray State University trains students according to the Kentucky Teacher Performance Standards. The department’s History/Social Studies graduates are prepared to implement both the Kentucky Academic Standards and professional standards for social studies.  

For more information, please email program coordinator, Dr. Olga Koulisis at

See the Undergraduate Bulletin for the most recent program details.

Program Requirements

Required History Courses: (7 Hours) 

  • HIS 100 - Freshman Transitions
  • HIS 300 - Introduction to Historical Studies (a grade of C or better)
  • HIS 400 - Senior Seminar (a grade of C or better)

Three of the following courses: (9 Hours)

  • HIS 201 - Modern Europe
  • HIS 202 - Understanding Global History
  • HIS 221 - American Experience to 1865
  • HIS 222 - American Experience since 1865

History Limited Electives: (18 Hours)

  • Global History - 6 hours
  • U.S. History - 3 hours
  • European History - 3 hours
  • History Electives - 6 hours

Required Social Sciences Courses: (12 Hours)

  • ECO 231 - Microeconomics
  • EES 110 - World Geography 
  • POL 140 - American National Government
  • SOC 133 - Introduction to Sociology 

Required Secondary Methods Courses with a B minimum: (34 Hours)

  • HUM 180 - Explore Teaching in the Humanities 
  • EDU 280 - Educating for Human Development
  • HUM 380 - Inclusive Teaching of Diverse Learners in Humanities 
  • HIS361 - Teaching History 
  • SEC420 - Practicum in Secondary Schools 
  • EDU 485 - Professional Perspectives for Teaching - 1 hour
  • SEC 422 - Extended Practicum - 4 hours
  • SEC 421 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School - 14 hours

Additional Requirements

A capstone research project will be completed by each student in HIS 400.

History/Social Studies Students must complete the University Studies requirements per Murray State University guidelines

History/Social Studies Students must also be admitted to the College of Education by the end of their fifth semester to finish the program in four years.  See Admission to Teacher Education for further requirements, including required University Studies courses, ACT or Praxis CASE scores, and minimum GPA (2.75).

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