Minor in Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary minor for undergraduate students to critically investigate world religions from prehistory to the present day.
The requirements listed below apply for students entering Murray State University at the present time. Criteria as they may relate to individual students may vary. See the Undergraduate Bulletin at the time of enrollment for more information.

Religious Studies Minor...................................................21 hrs

Required Courses: (6 Hours) 
RGS 200 - Introduction to Religious Studies
RGS 309 - Survey of World Religions
RGS 221 - Philosophy of Religion
Electives: (15 Hours)
ANT 140, 329; ARC 389; ART 211, 213, 316; PHI 260, 333; RGS 251, 252, 300, 301, 302, 306, 309, 322, 354, 355, 362, 363, 364, 395, 400, 410, 415, 420, 425, 449, 459, 461; SWK 426; THD 118, 253.
At least nine hours must be upper-level courses. Other courses may be substituted as approved by the religious studies coordinator.
2021 Fall RGS Course Offerings

Statement on Studying Religion at Murray State University

Religious Studies (RGS) courses introduce students to the academic study of religious beliefs, practices, institutions and texts. In keeping with the mission statement of the American Academy of Religion, which emphasizes “a context of free inquiry and critical examination” in order to foster “disciplined reflection on religion,” RGS courses refrain from endorsing, advocating, or espousing any particular belief system or worldview. Instead, RGS courses draw upon a range of scholarly methods including the arts, humanities, social sciences and physical sciences so that students can critically examine the origins, practices, historical transformations, and cultural implications of the world’s many religious and spiritual traditions.

If you are interested in adding a Religious Studies minor, or have questions, please email the Religious Studies minor coordinator, Dr. Matthew Robertson