Minor in East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies Minor (21 hours)

The minor in East Asian studies provides an opportunity for students to undertake a multidisciplinary study of the art, economy, history, language, philosophy, politics, religion, and culture of China, Japan and Korea.

Curriculum and requirements

Statement on East Asian Studies at Murray State University

The minor in East Asian studies provides in-depth knowledge about the region’s past and present. Students will gain an understanding of the factors underlying Asia’s rising influence in the world and the possible consequences of this growing role. The minor helps prepare students for dynamic careers in multiple fields, including art and design, business, education, finance, history, law, medicine, policy making and so on.

If you are interested in adding a East Asian Studies minor, or have questions, please email the minor coordinator, Dr. Selina Gao at jgao4@murraystate.edu.

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