Accelerated BA/BS + MA Program (4+1)

The Accelerated Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science/Master of Arts (BA/BS + MA) in History Program allows qualified students to complete requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Science in History and the Master of Arts in History in five years (or 138 credit hours) rather than six years (or 150 credit hours).

Students interested in the Accelerated BA/BS + MA in History should plan their coursework carefully from their first semester. In their third year and upon completion of 60 hours of coursework toward the BA or BS in History, qualified undergraduate students may apply for admission to the MA program in History.  Students should complete all University Studies requirements during their first two years and should declare the BA or BS in History as their intended undergraduate degree no later than the end of their second year. Students may enroll in graduate courses in History beginning their fourth year and 12 hours in graduate coursework in History, approved by the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of History, may count toward the Required Limited Electives in the BA or BS in History. The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in History will be awarded at the end of the fourth year. Students must comply with all requirements for the MA in History. Upon completing these requirements, the student will receive both the BA or BS in History and the MA in History. Admission to and enrollment in this program does not supersede University policies regarding tuition or financial aid.

To be admitted to the 4+1 Accelerated Program:

  • Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • 3.25 cumulative GPA in History courses
  • Students must have completed four history courses at the 300 or 400 level by the end of their third year.
  • Students must submit a reflective statement on their interest in and viability for completing the program in the third year to the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of History.
  • Recommendations from at least two faculty members (from the department at Murray State University, if possible) must be submitted in the third year to the department graduate coordinator.
  • A writing sample of at least 12 pages that demonstrates student competence in the field of history (this sample can either be a single, larger assignment or multiple assignments) must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of History in the third year.
  • Students are NOT required to take the GRE.

4+1 Accelerated Program in History Degree Sequence:

  1. Year 1: Required survey courses (CIV 201 and 202 and three out of four of the following courses: HIS 201, 202, 221 and 222), University Studies courses, coursework for minor or second major.
  2. Year 2: Complete survey courses. Begin 300 and 400 level courses and complete HIS 300.
  3. Year 3: Students must complete at least three upper-level history courses by the end of the second semester. Continue other requirements and complete HIS 400. Students should apply to the 4+1 program and for the MA program in History.
  4. Year 4: Semester 1--HIS 600 and one 600-level seminar or readings course; continue completing undergraduate courses. Semester 2--Two 600-level courses; complete any remaining undergraduate courses. Students in year four need to apply for their baccalaureate (BA or BS) degree and earn that degree.
  5. Year 5:  Semester 1--Three 600-level courses (including HIS 697). Semester 2--Three 600-level courses; competence exams.


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