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College Courts apartments are a great option for our married, single-parent, graduate, non-traditional and upper division students. They are affordable and on campus apartments in a great location.

College Courts is located on the northwest corner of campus approximately four blocks from the campus center. One hundred and thirty-two (132) of the apartments have a combination living and dining room, a bath, two full-sized closets and a linen closet. The furnishings include dining table/ chairs, electric stove/ oven range and refrigerator, coffee table, end tables, double bed (twin beds in apartments for unmarried students), dresser and chest of drawers. The bath has a tub with a shower. The two-bedroom apartments have the same furnishings as the one-bedroom apartments, except the second bedroom has one twin bed.

There are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments available. The two-bedroom apartments are reserved for students with families of 3 or 4. Assignments are made based on priority level of the student. 

College Couts is set up in 12 Blocks of apartments. Each apartment block has 12 apartments, 6 on the ground floor and 6 on the second floor. The diagram on the blocks shown here is the view from campus. The 700 blocks is next to Hester Hall and the 1200 and the 1100 Block are next to the Wellness Center. The block are labeled in the middle section of each block. Below you will find the layout of the apartment styles and more information about College Courts.

College Courts Apartment Blocks

College Courts 1 Bedroom

One Bedroom Apartment

All apartments in College Courts are furnished. Each apartment comes with:

  • Living Room- 3 seater couch, desk, and desk chair
  • Kitchen- oven/stove, fridge, kitchen table chairs
  • Bedroom- bed frame, mattress, and set of drawers
College Courts 2 Bedroom

Two Bedroom Apartment

All apartments in College Courts are furnished. Each apartment comes with:

  • Living Room- 3 seater couch, desk, and desk chair
  • Kitchen- oven/stove, fridge, kitchen table chairs
  • Large Bedroom- bed frame, mattress, and set of drawers
  • Small Bedroom- twin bed frame, mattress, set of drawers

Frequently Asked Questions

College Courts is a diverse community of married couples, single parents, children of all ages, non-traditional, graduate and undergraduate students. The Housing Office provides a staff of Resident Advisors (RAs) and a graduate Residence Director (RD) who can help the residents fit into this community by introducing neighbors, and through social and educational programs. Residents of College Courts should show their neighbors the same consideration they expect. Residents of College Courts are subject to the Student Code of Conduct outlined in the Murray State Student Life Handbook.

Apartments are assigned based on the date of application and according to the priorities below:

  • Priority #1: Married students or single-parent student who have either two or three family members.Only after exhausting the waiting list for family applicants will apartments be assigned to others.

  • Priority #2: Non-traditional students regardless of class status. Non-traditional students are defined as students who are 23 years of age or older, financially independent and had a break between high school and college.

  • Priority #3: Graduate students who are at least 21 years of age.

  • Priority #4: Undergraduate students who are at least 21 years of age.

  • Priority #5: Faculty and staff members

The twelve two-bedroom apartments are reserved for families with three or four family members. There usually is a lengthy waiting list for the 12 two-bedroom apartments.

A $150 deposit is required with the housing application. The deposit assures student's keeping the reservation unless written cancellation is received by the Housing Office by June 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. The cost of College Courts per semester can be found on the Housing Rates tab. All normal utilities are included in the cost for the semester, including cable, internet, water, electric, etc. The deposit will be refunded when the resident moves from the apartment, less any charges due to Murray State, if thirty (30) days notice is given.

College Courts apartments come fully furnished.  You are able to bring your own furniture, but the university furniture must stay in the apartment.  Any additional furniture you bring must be taken at the end of your time in College Courts. 

The Housing Office offers academic year contracts for College Courts with the option to add a summer contract if you are a returning as a student the next academic year. The housing application for the next academic year is available through myGate starting in October. There is a $150 deposit that must be submitted to complete your application.

Additional Information

College Courts Contract

The College Courts Contract governs the occupancy of our apartments. Please click on the link provided to review the contract prior to arriving to campus.

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