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Regents Hall

Regents is located on the academic side of campus close to the Curris Center. It is a ten story hall with residents living on 3rd through 10th floors and total capacity is 380 residents for returning students only.

All floors are mix-gendered. The rooms are assigned by gender, but you can live next to someone of different gender.

Regents is a returning student only building.

Regents is a close knit community, for our returning student or transfer student population. 

As you consider the options, we want to make you aware of some important changes planned to Regents Hall for Fall 2022

In Fall 2022, the Regents Hall community will only have returning or transfer students living in the hall. We know how important campus life is for students and we are hoping to create an upper division hall to give students more privacy, all floors becoming mixed gendered by suite, as well as open up more overnight visitation. 

Private rooms will be available to any returning student wanting to live in Regents Hall at a discounted rate. (Please stay tuned for Fall 2022 rates upon approval.) The rooms will continue to have the two (2) twin beds for you to make a king bed if you would like and two (2) desks and two (2) chairs. The floors will be Mixed Gender. Mixed Gender Floor means the entire suite rooms (attached by a bathroom) are the same gender and the next suite could be a different gender.

As stated above, we are also modifying the visitation policy in Regents Hall to allow overnight guests throughout the week. Guests will be permitted to stay over any night of the week, up to seven (7) consecutive nights and up to ten (10) nights per month. Your guest will still need to check in at the front desk. Exceptions to the visitation policy are only allowable with prior written consent of the Director of Housing. 

Below you will find information about the room set-up, amenities, and how to get involved and become a part of the Regents Rhino Community!

"Regents is my home away from home. It has a great enthusiastic environment and everyone is accepting in our community! We all get along like family and support each other!"

William GertonDesign Engineering and Technology

Room Layouts

All rooms in Regents are set-up the same way. You will be assigned to one room with a roommate attached to a bathroom you share with another two residents. Below are approximate dimensions of the rooms.  

  • Room Dimension- 10'x16', Ceiling Height 7'4"

  • Window- 36"W x 96"H

  • Movable furniture- Desk, desk chair, and bed frame and XL twin mattress (80")

  • Built In Furniture- closets (45"W), sink, and vanity area.

Regent Room Layout
Regents Room Set Up
Regents Room Set Up
Regents Room Set Up
Regents Front Desk

Keeping Regents Safe and Healthy

  • All of our halls are secured by a swipe access system.  Only the residents of the building will have swipe access at the front door.  If you are checking in a guest or someone is coming to visit you, you will have to sign them in at the front desk.  

  • Our Front Desk is open 24/7 for residents needing assistance.  Residents can check out kitchen, gaming, and cleaning supplies at the front desk and more! 

  • Regents has staff on duty every night.  If you have any concerns, staff is there for you to assist you whenever you need them.

  • Regents has trash chutes on each floor for students to utilize for everyday trash.  If you have large boxes to breakdown and dispose of, there is a dumpster in the back of Regents.  

Hall Amenities

Regents Lobby


Contains a pool table, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, grand piano, and TV lounge area. Couches, chairs, and tables to hang out and study.

Regents Kitchenette


Located on the 2nd floor containing two stoves, sink, counter space, and tables/chairs.

You have to check out a key at the front desk to use the stoves. There is also cooking equipment to check out at the front desk.

Regents Laundry Room

Laundry Rooms

Located on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th floors containing two washers, two dryers, and tables/chairs. Ironing boards are located on the on 7th and 9th floors.

Regents Media Lounge

Media Lounge

Contains projector, stereo system, DVD, HDMI hook ups, tables, chairs, and couches. Available 24/7, reserve equipment through the front desk.

Great space for programs, study groups, and meetings.

Regents Study Lounge

Study Lounges

Located on the 2nd through 10th floors. Available 24/7, if you have a planned meeting, you can reserve through the front desk. Tables, chairs, couches in each space.

Campus Print Logo

Campus Print

In the lobby there is a copy machine for residents use.  Residents will need their RacerCard and print money to be able to use the machine.

PepsiCo Logo

Vending Machines

Located on the 2nd floor elevator lobby and contains two soda machines and one snack.


Get Involved!

  • Regents is full of activities to get involved!  Your Resident Advisors (RAs) and the Residential College Council (RCC) facilitate a variety of programs weekly to enhance the community, provide fun learning outside the classroom, and build stronger connections.  If you have any ideas for great programs, talk with your RA or RCC.

  • Housing and Residence Life provides leadership opportunities not only in the hall, but for the entire residential community.  The Residential College Association (RCA) and The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and two great organizations to get involved in.  If you have questions about how to get involved, contact the Housing Office and we will get you connected!

  • Being a Regents Rhino allows you to participate in intramural sports and academic teams as well.  To find out more information on this go to the Residential College Page below or talk with your RCC Executive Board when you arrive on campus!

Regents Residential College

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