Contact the Housing Office

Office location:

  • 206 Stewart Stadium (Find us in the basement of the football stadium, next to Athletics.)

Office hours:

  • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (during the academic year)

  • 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (summer hours for June and July)                                

Phone numbers:

Professional Staff

Dr. J. David Wilson

Director of Housing and Residence Life
Housing Office

Joanne Guns

Associate Director of Housing for Administrative Services
Housing Office

Corey Ipock

Assistant Director for Residential Services
Housing Office

Casey Rowe

Assistant Director for Residence Education
Residence Life

Gary Gassam

Coordinator of Housing Maintenance
Housing Office

Support Staff

Lee Anderson

Administrative Assistant
Housing Office

Taylor Snell

Administrative Assistant
Housing Office


Lisa Heathcott

Administrative Assistant I
Housing Office

Austin Daughtery

Maintenance Technician I
Housing Office

Residence Directors

Adalyn McMurray

Residence Director
Clark Hall

Maleah Buckner

Residence Director
Elizabeth Hall

Edwin Kelso

Residence Director
Franklin Hall

Quinn Sargent

Residence Director
Hart Hall

Mattie Austin

Assistant Residence Director
Hart Hall

Joshua Wright

Residence Director
Hester Hall

Cameron Rudolph

Residence Director
Regents Hall

Taylor Moore

Residence Director
Richmond Hall


Sydney Grammer

Residence Director
RH White Hall

Garrik Quertermous

Residence Director
College Courts

Taylor Tucker

Assistant Residence Director
Station 74

Do you have a question or a problem?

E-mail us!  Each department has a separate e-mail address so we may respond as quickly as possible. To help us fully answer all your concerns, please be specific. If you don't think your question falls into one of the categories below, e-mail and we'll forward it to the Housing staff member who can best help you.

  • Maintenance -
    Submit maintenance problems for non-emergency concerns in your room or apartment.  For problems that need an immediate response please contact your front desk for assistance.  Please be detailed in your description and location of the problem.  Include your building, room number, and telephone number in your e-mail. You may also use this address to follow up or check on the status of your work order.

  • Billing  -

For questions regarding Housing costs and billing.

For questions regarding our College Courts apartments.

For questions regarding our housing exemption process. Housing Exemption Information.


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