The Undeclared Major

The undeclared major provides students with one-on-one advising, assistance in career exploration, and academic support while selecting their major and future careers. During the freshmen and sophomore years, students will enroll in university studies courses that are required for all Murray State graduates. While completing these essential and valuable courses, students will explore their interests and strengths and decide which major is best.  Undeclared majors  enroll in a first year transitions course (IDC 100T) to help them make connections on campus and understand the effort and commitment it takes to be a successful college student.  Undeclared majors* are advised by professional advisors through the Center for Student Engagement and Success in the Division of Student Affairs.

At Murray State, you are required to declare your major by the time you earn 45 credit hours.  If you successfully complete 15 credit hours a semester, you will want to declare your major no later than the first semester of your sophomore year.

Deciding on a major now does not define your career path for the rest of your life.  As Katharine Brooks wrote in her 2009 book, You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career,  a degree doesn’t always match up specifically with a career.  It’s not a linear path.  While we might assume that one who graduates with an art degree will become a cartoonist and that a  psychology major will become a psychologist, sometimes that art major becomes a special prosecutor in a district attorney’s office and that psychology major becomes a cartoonist.  Your major does not define you or the success you may have in a myriad of careers!

What's Your Major?  These resources can help you start the decision making process.

Access resources and assessments through Career Services.

Contact Us! Advisors for the Undeclared Major:

Peggy Whaley, M.Ed.

Center for Student Engagement and Success

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Jennifer Smith

Assistant Director
Center for Student Engagement and Success

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* Undeclared majors who are a student athlete or who are in the Honors College should contact the following advisors:

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