CNM Cooperative Education/Internship

As part of the CNM Program's requirements, each student is required to complete the CNM 488 "Cooperative Education/Internship" course.  

Course Description

The MSU catalog defines this course as a "meaningful, planned, and evaluated work experience related to the career and educational objectives of the student for which he/she may receive academic credit and possible financial remuneration." This course is currently offered as a 1hr, 2hr or 3hr course during the Summer semester as well as the Fall and Spring semesters. Students should sign up for the class section with hours that fulfill their required 120hrs for a degree. 

Course Requirements

To complete this course, students will need to complete the following:

  • Locate a relevant internship related to CNM where they can work 320 total hours during the semester they are taking CNM 488.

  • The student's advisor will give the final approval for the internship or advise of an alternative, if necessary.

  • Discuss with advisor the number of credit hours needed for CNM 488 toward their degree.

  • Sign up for the CNM 488 section with the necessary credit hours.

  • During the class period, students will submit weekly work logs detailing their work and showing the number of hours worked.

  • The student's field/industry supervisor will evaluate the student's performance during the internship and submit to the course instructor.

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