Cybersecurity and Network Management Program Learning Outcomes

By leveraging the expertise of our industry-leading faculty and establishing strong alliances with employers, we possess precise insights into the essential technical and professional skills demanded by graduates in the field. Our meticulously crafted curriculum ensures the cultivation of the knowledge and proficiencies that will serve as your foundation throughout your professional journey.

Upon successfully fulfilling the academic requirements, students graduating from Murray State University’s undergraduate Cybersecurity and Network program will acquire the following capabilities:

  1. Function as a team member of project-focused teams by organizing, managing, and implementing projects, identifying issues impacting the team' performance, and applying lessons to future teams. (Teamwork)
  2. Effectively communicate technical information to audiences with different levels of technical sophistication; communicate this information verbally informally, in technical documentation, and in professional presentations (Communication)
  3. Create technology solutions for business problems by balancing business, technical, and security constraints while navigating economic, financial, and global realities. (Business)
  4. Analyze, categorize, and assess the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks of an enterprise network and endpoints, as well as design and implement countermeasures to secure an organization, including technical, physical, and administrative measures. (Cybersecurity)
  5. Design, build, and manage enterprise networks and systems utilizing modern protocols, topologies, architectures, and frameworks based on given business constraints and requirements. (Network)

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