Christine B. Lindner

Photo of Christine Lindner

Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 2009
M.A., Durham University, 2004
B.A., Gordon College, 2002

“From Foreign soil to the ʾArd of Beirut: A history of the American University of Beirut and the Anglo-American Cemetery”, Nadia El Cheikh, Leila Choueiri and Bilal Orafli, eds., One Hundred and Fifty (Beirut: American University of Beirut Press, 2016), 189-200.
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“Educational Encounters between American Protestant Missionaries and the residents of Late Ottoman Syria: one path towards a Modern Education,” in:  Julia Hauser, Christine B. Lindner, Esther Möller, eds., Entangled Education: Foreign, National and Local schools in Ottoman Syria and Mandate Lebanon, Beiruter Texte und Studien 137: Herausgegeben vom Orient-Institute Beirut, (Beirut: Ergon Verlag Würzburg in Kommission, 2016): 235-264.
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Digital Publications and Podcasts  
“‘Burj Bird’ and the Beirut Mission Compound: Researching Women in the Protestant Church of Ottoman Syria,” Presbyterian Historical Society Blog (31 May 2016).
“Episode 230: Women and the American Protestant Mission in Lebanon,” with Ellen Fleischmann, hosted by Susanna Ferguson, Ottoman History Podcast (12 March 2016)
“American Mission Compound Beirut,” digital map (December 2015)
“Melita Carabet: Student, Teacher, Sister (1832-1902),” Anglo-American Cemetery Website (14 July 2015)
“Interview with Christine Lindner, May 2015”, by Craig Encer, Levantine Heritage, (May 2015)
“Eli Smith: Missionary, Scholar and Translator of the Bible (1801-1857),” Anglo-American Cemetery Website (11 May 2015).
“Piecing Together the Fragmented History of Esther Mushriq Haddad,AMEWS E-Bulletin 1 (January 2014): 1-3
“Labiba Kurani's Teaching Certificate Online Exhibition,” digital exhibition, Preserving Protestant Heritage in the Middle East Website, (21 October 2013)
 “American Mission Press: An American Barn In Beirut,” NEST Library blog (9 July 2013).

Courses Taught  
CIV 201: World Civilizations and Cultures Before 1500
HIS/RGS 355: Islamic Middle East

Research Interests 
Middle East History; Ottoman History; Lebanon & Syria; Protestantism in the Middle East; Christianity in the Middle East; Women’s History; Historic Cemeteries; Digital History