Charlotte L. Beahan


Dr. Charlotte Beahan

Dr. Charlotte Beahan



  • Short-Term Language Enhancement Program, Peking University, 2002
  • Ph.D., Columbia University, 1976
  • M.A., Columbia University, 1969
  • B.A., Michigan State University, 1967


  • “Recent Scholarship on Women in Literature and on the Concept of the Body in China,”Journal of Women’s History 8.4 (Winter 1997): 177-186.
  • "Private Initiative and Education for Girls and Women in the Late Ch'ing," Annals, Southeast Conference, Association for Asian Studies, 1991.
  • "Non-Western Fiction in Teaching World Civilization," with Melvin E. Page, Teaching History (United Kingdom: University of Cambridge), February 1986.
  • "One Woman's View of the Early Chinese Communist Movement: The Autobiography of Mme Zhang Guotao," Republican China (November 1984).
  • "In the Public Eye: Women in Early Twentieth Century China," in Women in China: Current Directions in Historical Scholarship. Richard W. Guisso and Stanley Johannesen, eds. Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques Direction Series no. 3 Philo Press, 1981.
  • "Feminism and Nationalism in the Women's Press," Modern China (October, 1975)

Publications: Translations from the Chinese

  • Liang En-yuan, "The Legalist School Was the Product of Great Social Change in the Spring and Autumn-Warring States Period," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall 1976): 4-20.
  • T'ang Hsiao-wen, "Why Is Hsun-tzu Called a Legalist?", in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall 1976): 21-35.
  • Chin Wei, "The Struggle between Two World Views on the Understanding of the Human Body," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall 1976): 35-66.
  • Lo Hsiang-lin, "An Inquiry into the Doctrinal System of Confucius from the Lun-yu," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall 1976): 57-76.
  • Wu Ching-hsiung, "The Thought of Confucius and Chinese Culture, " in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (fall 1976): 77-88.
  • Kung Tun, "Learn from Lenin's Theories on the Problem of the Critical Acceptance of the Literary Heritage, " in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Winter 1973-1974): 21-40.
  • Wang Hsueh-wen, "Several Questions on the Method of Moving from the Abstract to the Concrete in Capital," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Winter 1973-1974): 59-73.
  • T'ien Ch'ang-wu, "Methodological Problems in the Study of the History of Philosophy from an Evaluation of Wang Ch'ung," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall-Winter 1972-1973).
  • Hsiao Hua, "With Mao Tse-tung Thought as Our Guide, Carry on Living Ideological Education," in Chinese Studies in Philosophy (Fall 1971): 19-43.

Research Interests

  • East Asian Studies;
  • Chinese History;
  • Women's Rights in China.

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