Murray State Application for IRB Review

Before You Apply

The principal investigator must be familiar with the Murray State University Procedures and Guidelines for obtaining institutional approval for research activities involving humans. BEFORE you begin the application process, you MUST read the IRB Procedures and Guidelines and you MUST complete the required training in the protection of human participants in research. Principal investigator(s), faculty sponsor(s) and any other Murray State personnel who will assist with the data collection must submit proof of training in the use of human participants in research before the IRB will review any protocol.

The IRB cannot, and will not, review protocols for projects that are already in progress or have been completed.

Completing the Application for Approval of Investigations Involving Human Participants

After reading the Procedures and Guidelines and completing the required protections training, the principal investigator should complete the Application for Review. Read each section of the form carefully and provide all required information. Incomplete applications will be returned to the investigator This application should be completed by the principal investigator. If the principal investigator is a student, the application must be approved by the student's faculty sponsor.

Download Application for IRB Review Guidelines (PDF)

Download the Application for Approval of Investigations Involving Human Participants (DOC)

Submitting the Application

After completing the application and obtaining signatures, the original application (including the signed signature page) should be scanned and saved as a .pdf file; all supporting materials (consent documents, cover letters, recruitment fliers, etc.) should be in .doc or .rtf format. The signed application and supporting documents files must be emailed to the IRB Coordinator via e-mail to Receipt of these materials in this manner will decrease the time needed for processing the protocol.

Applications must be received by the deadlines listed in the IRB Schedule.


Each applicant will be notified in writing of the IRB's decision. If the applicant is a student, the decision notification will be sent to the faculty mentor. If you have questions, please contact the IRB Coordinator, Jonathan Baskin, at 270.809.2916 or

The principal investigator may not initiate any research activity involving humans until written notification of IRB approval and compliance with any and all contingencies made in connection with said approval has been received.

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