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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


Attendance on the job by all employees is vitally important to the smooth functioning of operations at the University.

  1. Notifying Supervisor of Absence

    1. The supervisor must be notified by the employee as early as possible but not later than the beginning of the shift on the first day of absence.

    2. The supervisor must be informed if the absence is prolonged beyond the intended absence.

    3. The next level supervisor may be notified if the employee is unable to notify his/her supervisor. The supervisor notified will inform the immediate supervisor so that arrangements may be made to cover the workload of the department.

  2. Consequences of Failure to Notify Supervisor or Department of Absence
    Absence for three (3) or more consecutive working days may be cause for separation without notice.

  3. No pay is authorized for the following unexcused absences:

    1. Failure to present adequate justification for the absence upon return to work.

    2. Absence from work without approval of the supervisor or timely notification of the employee's department.

    3. Accrued vacation days may not be used for absences without giving proper notification to the supervisor.

    4. Accrued sick leave may not be used unless the employee has notified his/her supervisor and presents a signed statement from his/her physician if requested by the supervisor. A signed statement from his/her physician may be requested by the supervisor after three (3) consecutive days absence or if a pattern of abuse of sick leave exists.

  4. Centralized University Records
    The Payroll Office maintains a central record file for all absences. These records are the official records of accrued vacation and sick leave.

    1. Each department within the University shall report absences to the Payroll Office on forms provided monthly.

    2. The immediate supervisor of the employee is responsible for the accuracy of these reports.

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